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  1. Currently we are using Ext JS version 4.1.3. ...

    Currently we are using Ext JS version 4.1.3.

    This is a sample of the code that we generate for grid-panel-grid item.

    var AssignedStore = Ext.create('', {
  2. Unable to get value of the property 'heightModel': In IE 8 and under.

    There is a problem when rendering the layout of type hbox or vbox when I sandwich a panel with two grids (grid-panel-grid). This problem appears to only affect IE 8 and under.

    So here's the...
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    I've found a solution to my problem

    I've figure out how to load the nested model into the form. We can't simply use load or loadRecord, as by default that method tries to get a model's data and iterate through the data object and call...
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    How to load a nested model into a single form

    I've created a script to dynamically generate a form, but I'm having problem loading the data of the nested model. I've tried loading the whole record and I've tried loading each sub store, but...
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