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  1. fyi I have fixed it

    I found after much digging around that the server side had to wrap the json encoding inside this callback function:

    $callback = $_REQUEST['callback'];

    if ($callback) {
  2. added a root, but still no result

    OK so this is now my valid JSON(now has a root):

    "title":"Example ",
    "quote":"Test quote lorem ipsum.",
  3. JSON String with no root? How to retrieve values?

    I have a script that is encoding the json string. The url of that that is outputting this:

    "title":"Example ",
    "quote":"Test quote lorem ipsum.",
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    Same issue

    I'm having the same confusion as Vinzcent, I get no errors, but no data either. Should I be using a script to tease out the var/value pairs in the array?

    Forgive me but I am noob.
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