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  1. Grid disappears if the GridPanel's scrollbars moved to the end in Safari browser.

    Hello All,
    I am using the Ext 1.1 in my application.I am having a problem for Grid with safari browser.If i drag the scrollbars of the grid to the end and trying to resize the grid the...
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    Just use keypress event instead.

    Just use keypress event instead.
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    Hi djliquidice , Thanks for the reply.. I tried...

    Hi djliquidice , Thanks for the reply.. I tried one usual probable case .ie creating the BorderLayout with Ext=top.Ext. Below is the inner.html code that i tried.


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    1,248 is not working.

    Hi All,

    In my application i am having some 10 html files which are the iframes of the main html file.In all those iframed html files i am having a requirement with...
  5. hello event.. thanks for reply.. some how i got...

    hello event.. thanks for reply.. some how i got the idea to add the Ext.BorderLayout in Tabbed Panel. the following code i have..

    <script language='javascript'>
    var ViewerExample = function(){
  6. Problem when creating the Ext.BorderLayout on Ext.TabPanelItem

    Hi All,
    I am trying to render the Ext.BorderLayout with the Tab of the Ext.TabPanel..This is not rendering properly.
    The code i am using is as below

    var TabExample = function(){
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    Thanks evant,


    Thanks once again,
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    does n't work with input type checkbox instead of img tag.

    hi all again..

    In the previus post i used img tag .. it works fine.. same thing i tried with <input type="checkbox" />. This works fine with Firefox but not showing the checkbox in IE.

    i am...
  9. More Light weight.

    Thanks Jack,

    This solution looks more light weight than making the javascript call and it also working perfectly fine.

    Thanks once again,

  10. Solved.

    Thanks VinylFox .. It works perfectly fine.

    Thanks once again,
  11. HowTo:remove the red mark in the EditorGrid field on edit?

    Hi All,

    While edit happening in the Ext.grid.EditorGrid's cell .. one red mark is appearing at top left corner of the cell.I dont want to show the red mark on Edit.. How can i achieve this.

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    Thanks MaximGB for the reply... It works fine...

    I used the following code to achieve this.

    var colModel = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([
    {id:'commentcount',header: '<img...
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    Problem with JsonView.

    Hi all ,
    when i am loading the jsonview using load function we need to pass the url as a argument to the load function.

    But the issue is i am having the data with me ... there is no need...
  14. Solved.

    Hi I found the solution for this . to make this work we need to override the TreeNodeUI 's render function the code is below.. for this i just copied what ever is there in ext-all.js file
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    Can i use renderer for Grid header??

    hi all,
    I am using the grid and i am rendering one of the grid's column with Icons.

    The code is like below,

    function renderImage( val ){
    if( eval( val...
  16. HowTO:Creating the link for the TreeNode.

    Hi all,
    I have a TreePanel having Inbox,Sent Items and Deleted Items folders ( TreeNodes ). I want to make a link as "Empty" besides the Deleted Items Folder.This link always coinsides...
  17. Another solution.

    Hi , In the above reply .. i used node.appendChild(child) to get the hold on move event.. This is not really helped me for my requiremnt. My requiremnt is when ever user drag and dropped the node...
  18. SOLVED

    Hi Para ,
    Thanks for reply.I got the solution from tree.expandPath function ,
    In the select node function he used If the path contains only root node.If the path...
  19. Can i get the TreeNode by using the Path from TreePanel .

    Hi All,

    I am having the path of the TreeNode.. I need to get the TreeNode object from the tree by using this path.. How can i get this.. I dont see any method to do this ..

    I just saw...
  20. Solved.

    Hi para,
    thanks for the reply .. I got the simple idea from ur post . I did a small mistake in my code...

    i just commented the below code

    and used target.appendChild( n );
  21. Problem while deletion and Insertion of Nodes in TreePanel.

    Hi All ,
    I am using the Ext.TreePanel having the Inbox and Deleted Items folder, i am having one requirement saying when we delete the items from inbox the same item needs to be moved in...
  22. Thanks tryanDLS , I...

    Thanks tryanDLS ,
    I tried that ... Its working fine.... Thanks once again.:)

  23. Found the solution

    I got one solution ..

    var westRegion = layout.getRegion('west');
    var titleDiv = Ext.DomHelper.overwrite(westRegion.titleEl, {tag:'div' }, true);
    titleDiv.appendChild( Ext.get(...
  24. Hi All , i am getting the same...

    Hi All ,

    i am getting the same problem when i am newly load the page.....

    How can i show the contents of the page after all the widgets are completely loaded ??:-/

  25. All the divs are in the body section only..... i...

    All the divs are in the body section only..... i didn't mentioned it in the sample code.....

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