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    Might want to try a different forum. This isn't an ST bug...
  2. Hello,

    I am also having the same issue. I have downloaded the latest nightly for 2.2 (20130516), but it doesn't appear to resolve the issue. Works fine on the other devices as noted in the...
  3. Hello,

    I'm using a component from the market place (Ext.ux.picker.DateTime) it works great in the browser, but when I package the application as native for iOS it doesn't work. The application...
  4. Sent. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help troubleshoot.

    I'm running on windows 7, 64bit.

  5. Hey there - just wanted to follow up and let you know that I'm now running on build version 298 and that I'm still experiencing the same issue. However, I am able to create new components which...
  6. Thanks so much for your time. I'll continue on my project now :D

    - Levi
  7. Hello,

    I'm having the same issue, but it occurred after purchasing a license.

    Is there someone who can help me to resolve this? My application deploys and runs without any issues, but I no...
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    Nice work on this B)
  9. I've also been struggling with the same issue for a few hours and I'm beginning to think it's not the right approach, but would be nice if it's possible!

    I have a tab panel with 4 bottom docked...
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