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  1. The fiddle that I initially created (with a column and line chart) is now a testcase for another bug I reported, which is still open:...
  2. Sorry- somehow an 'I' was appended to the link-Here it is again:
  3. Sure- here is the fiddle I submitted to Sencha for this problem:

    I just tested it with the nightly 6/26 build and it does not stack the columns.
  4. I just installed and tested ST 2.3.2 against this bug and see that this appears to now be fixed. Should this bug now be closed?
  5. Its been a few months since I saw this fixed in a nightly build. I even posted forum message asking about this bug and a few others in...
  6. I can see where it has been fixed in the nightly builds using a testcase I created in sencha fiddle. However they have not yet released it.
  7. Thanks, from the bug number it looks like its in the ExtJS pool. Is that correct?
  8. When using the draw.sprites- Ellipse, Circle or Rect, the isPointInPath() for the sprite's path fails for the Ellipse and Circle but passes for the Rect when tapping on them. I used several examples...
  9. I have tested this with both ST 2.3.1 and the latest nightly build:

    Note that the blue columns stop/max at 10 which is incorrect. Clicking the legend item...
  10. Thanks, Is there a documented list of files that Architect uses/builds that should not be under source control?
  11. version:
    environment- windows

    Our project is under control of a source control product where we have to manually check out the files to change them- it removes the read-only attribute....
  12. Thanks- I found that redoing the way a column chart series was defined fixed it as well. Here is a fiddle that I wrote for another bug but it shows the full length of the series value using ST 2.3.0...
  13. I have a draggable container that I have placed in a container. Using the ZIndex property, I also have a panel under this draggable container. It works as desired in both desktop Chrome and IOS...
  14. I posted similar message this week not knowing about this thread:

    I can...
  15. Replies
    +1. A toolbar button 'remove all debugger statements' would be great!
  16. OS using- Windows 7.
    Architect Version-
    Framework Using - Sencha Touch 2.3.x

    Test Case 1:
    Create an Ext.Data.Model in a project.
    Set its userClassName = 'myModel1'
    Save the...
  17. I tried your suggestion and it still does not produce the correct legend text. To simplify, I have created the chart with just 1 series item. Here is the fiddle for this:
  18. Version- Touch 2.3.0

    Expected result- The field value text/label of the series.
    Actual result - The first letter of the series.

    Using testcase below, change the series = line...
  19. Touch Release:
    Expected result- 2 bars (columns) side by side in a chart with stacked config attribute = false in each series.
    Result- a stacked bar chart

  20. removing the c:\users\{your id}\AppData\local\Sencha files did it for me as well. Thanks
  21. I uninstalled SA 2 and SA 3 as dmulcahey mentioned and then deleted the folders in program files (x86) as suggested. I even went as far as to remove the 'Sencha, Inc.' entry in the windows registry...
  22. I am also experiencing the same problem but only on my Windows 7 machine, however I see the projects from Architect 2 in the list after I logged in. My Mac OS does not do this.
    If this helps -on my...
  23. I had a similar problem and also am pretty sure that your unix timestamp may be the culprit. What I had to do was go through the JSON store after it was loaded from the Oracle DB and actually convert...
  24. Using 2.2.3 Build 1044
    Windows 7
    Project type- Touch 2.3.x

    Steps to recreate:
    Create a model with userClassName = 'Group.DiagramMetaData' (21 characters in length)
    Save Project
  25. Using the new ST 2.3 themes and this test Panel:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyPanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',

    config: {
    layout: {
    type: 'vbox'
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