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  1. Great!!

    Thanks for your answer, Tim.

    I'll try to do works in my PC. I guess i can test it in windows, no?
    Or is necessary testing in MAC OS (iPad, for example)? (I have not any experience...
  2. Hi tkannenb.

    I have the same problem.

    Did you find any solution o good way to go there, it means:

    Read files in Sencha from PhoneGap File API, due to can access files when the application...
  3. It, works! True, the last problem was with the incorrect config.

  4. Hi Mitchell.

    Thanks for replying.

    I try with your advice (use flex: 1), but it not works, i can't see this formpanel.
    I was trying to use height and width in the formpane, because I...
  5. Hi, Steffen, thanks for reply.

    I know this is a way, in fact this works to me earlier, but i just want a panel surrounding the radio buttons, to give it a title, in this case "select color" for...
  6. Hi all.

    I'm trying to put a radio button, but it's not working to me. I used a formpanel like documentation show to radio field, but when i try to see it in a fieldset, i see the other field but...
  7. SOLVED!

    The problem was because sencha association are case sensitive.
    associationKey field was writed with the first letter in lowercase (documents) and it have to be exaxtly idem to the...
  8. I don´t know why my association are not working. Anybody can help me?

    Here is my code:

    Parent Model:

    Ext.define('Sencha.model.PatientRecordModel', {
    extend: '',
  9. Ok, Mitchell, I can fugure it out now.

    Thanks a lot!!


  10. Sorry. I didn't understand you.

    I put one componen inside a box layout and i can see it, but i put a corousel inside de box layout and I have to put flex config to achieve see it, i don't know why...
  11. Thanks, Mitchell.

    Do you know if exists another way to tell to the box layout how to display the components without the flex config? And, why this not happen with other component, I mean, with...
  12. I was fighting a lot with that issue, and after a lot of round I discover that is necessary put "flex" option to carousel to can see inside a panel.

    I'll put example doing programatically. I put...
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