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  1. I've pushed a new version of Slider-Menu compatible with Android 4.x, Android 2.x iOS 5 and BB torch.
    You can see a demo here
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    I've been working in other implementation of Slider menu (Facebook-like menu) that you can found here:

    You can also try the DEMO
  3. Thank you for the notice, can you open an issue on github repository?

    I suppose that will be a problem with CSS style. I look for it when I have some time...

    However, I don't understand...
  4. You must to change your list tab for something like this:

    title: 'List',
    iconCls: 'action',
    xtype: 'list',
  5. I just pull a new version at github with mask tap detection enabled, you can try it :)

    I'm still working on enable drag events...
  6. Hi!

    Firstly, I hadn't say in my last post, but all of you are invited to contribute in the project on github.

    I'm still working on the three points that roycyang requests. The first two points...
  7. I've developed something like it, and it seems to work fine. This is a work in progress and still needs work to improve and change things...
    You can get the code and a demo application from here:...
  8. I've been working with something like that, but I've used a panel with hbox layout that contains two views (one for settings view and one for main view).

    By default the Settings view is not...
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    Yeah! but it doesn't seems active (last push was 11 months ago...)
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    You can use the textmate plugin port from here:

    I've created a fork to solve a problem with Ext.define snippet and for add custom snippets, You can found...
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