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  1. Thanks for this plugin. It gave me a good starting point for the features I wanted to add to my NumberField.

    Hope you don't mind, but I have enhanced it a bit and thought I would post the changes...
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    I found the problem.

    In Firefox it prints properly, but IE was causing the issue.

    The problem with IE is that it always gives you all of the attributes for an element even if they are...
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    Here is some context. I have an Ext Window that has a panel with the Terms & Conditions text.

    When I resize the window the text also resizes, wraps and has a scroll bar.

    If I include...
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    I thought I would give the Print Element a try and it seems to be working flawlessly.

    Thanks to everyone that made this component what it is. :D

    The only question I have is with the CSS file....
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    I just came across this issue when trying the UploadPanel demo on Saki's site ( using IE6.

    If I add a file to the UploadPanel and before I upload the file I select to...
  6. Using the renderFoundAll function I have found that the text that is highlighted uses the text and case from the filter. :(

    I was also wanting to be able to 'split' the filter, therefore having...
  7. Using this as a base, would it be possible to take this further?

    The problem I am now facing is that the data displayed in the grid is just summary data.
    I need to be able to filter via the...
  8. Thanks.

    These changes did it. It gave me what I wanted.:D

    I am now doing a 'beforeload' event and storing the filter in the baseParams. It works beautifully.

    I needed to make a change to...
  9. Thanks for the code. It worked nicely. ;)

    I only needed to make a couple of minor changes, noted below:

    Removed the s from result:

    result.records = result.records.filter(function(el) {

  10. I came across this thread yesterday and have been playing around with the PagingMemoryProxy and the filter and find that it does exactly what I need. :)

    Here my question: Is it possible to use...
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    I have tried searching for a similar issue and couldn't find one so I thought I would post.

    The problem I am having is I am trying to create a mask over an area on the page that fades in and out...
  12. I have still been having some trouble with this problem.

    I have done a search for SSL_SECURE_URL and tried quite a few things found in the forum and I still am encountering the same problem.

  13. I came across the 'YAHOO.util.DDProxy is not a constructor' problem again.

    These are the declarations that I am using:

  14. I believe I was using .33 rc1 OR rc2. Not exactly sure.

    I am in the process of moving over to the latest build.
    I noticed that you no longer have the *-lib.js files in your distribution any more....
  15. If I replace the external url and I use my local yui libraries, I notice that I need to include the yahoo-dom-event.js and the dragdrop.js file.
    If I don't provide the dragdrop.js I receive a...
  16. The first thing I did was check to see if there were any non-secure URLs for images or JS files.
    Couldn't find any.

    I started to comment out lines of code until I found that commenting out the...
  17. I have web pages that are secured via SSL. When I use YAHOO.ext.EventManager.onDocumentReady on these pages I receive a popup message in IE 6 which states:

    "This page contains both secure and...
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