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    Thank you for the help! I finally managed to solve everything.
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    Condor, thank you very much! You pushed me in right direction... where i found one more problem :):
    a summary row is not connected to a store, in a way a grid is, so i cannot find a way to fetch...
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    grid.on('render', function(){
    grid.getView().mainBody.on('click', function(e, t){
    ed.startEdit(t, t.innerHTML);
    }, {delegate: '.x-grid3-summary-table .x-grid3-cell-inner'});
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    ... Sorry, i'm stuck. I want to mark a cell in a summary row clicking on it.

    For "standard" cells, i was catching an event through cellclick:

    TimelineGrid.on('cellclick', MyCellEditor);But...
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    Thank you for the answer!

    ... and yes, my data IS column-alined, that is why i think Summary is the best option. The data itself is different from the above-positioned cells: cells in summary will...
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    I got a grid with multiple groups.
    When i close all groups, i want to see a brief outline of what is inside those groups in EACH column + need to edit that info myself = kind of editable...
  7. Yeah, i found my glitch,
    really sorry for bothering you!!!
    I just needed to load the store :">:">:">

    Please, delete my post.
  8. You are more focused on teaching than on visitors' needs, and your irony just makes that more evident.
    Your involvement did not help to solve my specific problem. OK. ...But why being angry at...
  9. Hi!

    I use Saki's example Drag and Drop Between Grids to load my data from MySQL.
    The result - blank grid (see attachment) in "Total" column where i load the data.

    I modified his code to load...
  10. Bingo!
    mjlecomte, thank you very much for the solution!
  11. Solved! Thank you everyone!

    The solution was:

    1) For cells: used MyGrid.view.getCell(rowIndex, colIndex) instead of
    MyGrid.getView().getCell(rowIndex, colIndex). Cannot explain that...

  12. =/ FireBug does not reveal anything.

    Strange thing: when i enter line by line my code in FireBug's console, everything works fine = needed cells are highlighted.
    But when i put those lines in my...
  13. Thank you for the link.

    So, my code:

    var Mycell = ScheduleListingEditorGrid.getView().getCell(0, ColumnID4CurrentDay);"currentDayMark");
    So today...
  14. No
  15. Thank you for the reply!!

    Here's what i got: i use the following lines now to highlight a cell needed

    var Mycell = ScheduleListingEditorGrid.getView().getCell(3, 5);...
  16. Could you give me a link to that example? Because array-grid example by Ext ( ) does not contain getCell function...
  17. Hi!

    I got a custom renderer-function for ColumnModel where i use

    var myVar = myGrid.getView().getCell(rowIndex,colIndex); But i constantly get the following error in Firebug: "this.getRow(b)...
  18. to Animal: OK. Thank you, i will be doing that now...

    to mjlecomte: Thank you very much. Now it's my time to be impressed - with your code :) - need some time to digest it. I will write about the...
  19. :D I see what you are driving at. Well, i know what to do with CSS. B) :)And already i do change the needed headers' colour by setting my own styles for it, but in a standard way - i wrote about it...
  20. I got FireBug installed, but it shows no errors.
    Well... i'm confused. What do you imply? Which CSS rule is incorrect? OK. I'm not a specialist, that is why i'm asking here for support, otherwise i...
  21. Animal, first, really thank you for you time!

    1) I put .mySpecialClass .x-grid3-hd td.x-grid3-td-6 {
    background-color: #FBF8BF !important;

    in my main php-file.

    2) Just to see how...
  22. OK! I just don't understand what function and parameters are needed, to change header's colour...
  23. Any clicked header will be of the same style.
    ...But if there is any possibility to mark a header with it's own colour (throught colochooser for example) - that would be just perfect!!
  24. No, i do not have any kind of style before i create my custom style (.x-grid3-hd-".$ii.").
    I suppose i was wrong writing the word "existing", i just declare my styles after loading ext's...
  25. Sorry for stupid question(s), but: 'colId' is a column ID, right?
    In my function (that saves the data) i receive columnIndex only. Where should i take the column's ID? Well, i can put it in...
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