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  1. Thanks for posting this code. Can you provide any additional guidance on how to add this script as a .js file to Sencha Touch and make it work?
  2. I know that Basic Auth sends passwords in almost plain text . That is the reason why I am using Digest Authentication. Is there any implementation for digest authentication in Sencha Touch?

    I have...
  3. Hi Paul

    Can you please explain how to do digest authentication in Sencha touch2? I could not find what you are calling as "response to original request". Also I don't understand...
  4. I got the code for CompositeField code from

    Here is the code for composite field:
  5. I need to perform backend AJAX calls. The calls require username and password and the api uses digest authentication. When I make these calls using browser, the browser pops a window to accept...
  6. I am a newbie to Sencha.

    I need a Date and Time picker which was not available in Sencha. Hence I created a composite field that can handle this.

    Here is the code for the same:

  7. When I deploy this code, it works from the browser on the mobile device with no issues. It does not work from my computer.
  8. I am using Sencha Touch 2.1.0. I am making a HTTP GET call. It is a CORS request. Hence it is sending Pre-flight HTTP OPTIONS command as expected.
    I have installed CORS filter on my server and...
  9. Is there a way to extend this to accept both date and time as a single field (Timestamp)? I have a need to send Timestamp to my backend as "01/14/2013 3:30 EST".
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