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  1. Hi,

    See fiddle example with a chart inside a resizable panel - ExtJS
    When you reduce the width of the panel the series labels inside the bars disappear, in ExtJS 5.0 they would move to...
  2. Hi - Yes inherited, private, public and protected are ticked.
    My apologies it is in fact incorrect in chrome as well.

    I also hit an issue with other areas of the modern api -

    I thought the...
  3. ok Using Firefox 47.0.1

    I can only see 2 config - I see its ok in chrome.
    Touch links are now working

  4. Hi in Classic and Modern API the legend api is missing - Ext.chart.Legend

    Also the following links are broken:

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    Hi silly question probably but where is the modern kitchen sink?
    I know we have some modern examples under the kitchen sink here -

    But no actual...
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    US Legal System?
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    Well contact them personally not on a public forum
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    What? Your licence expired thats it really.
  9. Hi,

    If you didn't suspend layouts you would get layout runs as you add components and show them.
    resumeLayouts flushes and executes all the scheduled layout runs at the end and depending on your...
  10. See this post a sit has some good discussion and links around component destruction and event listeners clean up.
  11. ExtJS has an OS GPLv3 licence available.

    See midway down the page -
  12. Hi - Yes workaround is to use the undocumented 'prefetch' event

    e.g. me.on('prefetch', fn, me) where me is the store OR me.mon(store, 'prefetch', fn, me); where me is not the store
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    Hi from what I understand:

    Yes if you're using cmd for building- see ExtJS 6.0 Guide -

    Assuming you're using cmd see...
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    ExtJS 6.0 GA was released 2nd July Architect support comes a minor release after.
    So not far away Im sure at a guess another 2-4 weeks
  16. Hi,

    I wouldn't use id to identify your components, not unless you can guarantee they will be application wide unique. Otherwise you will create issues with the component manager and Ext.getCmp...
  17. Hi Gary - found the issue in our code effecting the inputEl creation and clearing the dom.value.
    Hideous code removed problem solved
  18. Ext version tested:

    Version Number:
    Looking at the ExtJS 6.0 code it looks like the bug exists there as well

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome Version 43.0.2357.132...
  19. Sure - try setting the layout on the panel to fit and make sure the grid is the only child item.
  20. You'll have to post your code with the issue.

    Also why are you adding components post render?
    More efficient if you do it earlier in the lifecycle so you don't get multiple layout runs and reflows
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    Our ExtJS desktop app is available on tablet to the sales and service teams to do data entry and it works really well.
    Users can customize their forms and they have a simplified quote and service...
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    Agreed many back office users have no need for a tablet experience more the sales and service team and finance and executive that find the tablet invaluable.
  23. Hi - what version of ExtJS and can your reproduce it in a fiddle?

    Also you will need to post your code.

    Given the monitor instance is created in the Basic.js...
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    Use the action column -!/api/Ext.grid.column.Action
  25. Found it !!

    You can turn that column off like so - set rowSelect config to false.

    selModel: {
    type: 'spreadsheet',
    rowSelect: false
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