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  1. I have an application where I am using a Ext.panel.Panel as a content panel an default render target. However, when using the card layout I am unable to get the ability to scroll as the height of the...
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    Looks like you don't have any packages. My JSB follows the format

    "projectName": "Project",
    "licenseText": "License",
    "packages": [
    "name": "named...
  3. I use eclipse and a custom build script that calls Sencha's js builder 3
  4. this appears to be coming from the framework, not my code. Even though i destroy an actionsheet component before the orientation change, in ios there is a call to getPageBox and eventually addCls, or...
  5. @danmux
    When I upgraded to 1.1 I am receiving an error from Ext.Element.addCls attempting to access a non existent dom element when destroying the action sheet on orientation change. Have you seen...
  6. I also had a case wher I had special characters in my heading, namely &.

    This caused issues with the groupIndexMap. I was able to workaround this with the following changes.

    // @private -...
  7. First off, this is soooo helpful. It saved me an unbelievable amount of time. Thank you so much for sharing.

    for my particular need I have a list with groups but no indexBar. I was able to use...
  8. My workaround may work for this. see
  9. Looks like this could be related to 426
  10. style:{
    var fromY = this.getHeight()*-1;

    this.showAnimation=new Ext.Anim({
  11. Is this fixed?
    I am getting models marked as dirty when I load a store with a localstorage proxy.
  12. Not a fix by any means, but I worked around this by...

    var groups = s.getGroups();
    var records = [];
    for(var i = 0; i < groups.length;i++){
  13. [^ Ooops! I meant to write screws not crews ^]
    I have data like so...

    var fixture = [
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    The webpage ignores whitespace. You might want to wrap it in code tags to make it readable.
  15. Thats they way I would do it. I would create a cloned temporary list item that can float between the 2 when dragged.
  16. Check out:

    * Selects a record instance by record instance or index.
    * @param {} records...
  17. try...

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    from the docs

    Ext -> NestedList -> PublicEvents

    leafitemtap : ( Ext.List subList, Number subIdx, Ext.Element el, Ext.EventObject e, Ext.Panel card )...
  19. This patch solved my problem.

    // Fix duplicate ids being generated on webstorage
    create: function(operation, callback, scope) {
  20. Sencha 1.0.1

    Currently when I add data to a Store, it marks the data as needing an add.

    This ignores the fact that the id of data being passed in may be the same as a record already within the...
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    might want to check out jsonp
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    Can't help you, but I can agree that would be awesome.
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    How do you want to change this into a carousel? A carousel has an item per page.

    from the docs:

    var carousel = new Ext.Carousel({
    items: [
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    Check out

    Although it, just like MySQL sum, still need to iterate over all the records.
  25. Did you move the files? can you post a pwd of where your application.scss is located and where your sencha folder is located?

    If you have your own config.rb you need to make sure it references...
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