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    How you aborting background uploading process in your php frontend? Maybe your answer can help me.
    + a little 'bugs'
    - right click menu (with embedded upload panel) doesn't appear in opera 9
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    I'm trying to implement ASP.NET server side app for filetree & upload(panel)
    At first steps I've created HttpHandler that successfully handles post requests from client and responds with json...
  3. fixed here
  4. Very nice =D>
    I'm just not expert in css
  5. ok, here it is
    (TriStateTree mod)
  6. You mean

    td.x-tree-node-indent img.x-tree-elbow-line

    background-repeat:repeat-y !important;
    height:100% !important;
  7. what a pity: it has no effect((
    yui made it by using sprite.gif with large height (18 x 8800 px)
    and spacer style .ygtvdepthcell{width:18px;height:22px;background:url(~/images/sprite.gif) 0 -8000px...
  8. In my custom TreeNodeUI implementation I use this rendering:

    .x-tree-node td
    renderElements: function(n, a, targetNode, bulkRender) {
  9. Yes, I've already tried - no good
    OK, I will try by myself
    something like that

    .x-tree-node a span
    white-space: normal;
    .x-tree-node td
  10. Could some one make text nodes line wrapping for tree?
    It will be very useful for long node text labels!
  11. I NEED!!! (ONLY ME???) correct text label wrapping in ext js tree with check nodes
    Mu current YUI tree rendered as table:

    var sb=[];
  12. or any other solution exists to wrap long text labels automatically in tree node?
  13. How should I override TreeNodeUI Render & RenderElements methods to make TreePanel rendered as tables (not just<ul><li></li></ul>) for each branch (like it is in yui)? I need this because I need...
  14. but only with ext-all.js/ext-all-debug.js from Jozef Sakalos
  15. This patch fixes the problem

    Ext.layout.AccordionPatch = Ext.extend(Ext.layout.Accordion, {

    inactiveItems: [],//ADDED

    // private
    onLayout : function(ct, target){//ADDED
  16. This works only in FF, but not in IE6/IE7
    blank despair(((
  17. No, It doesn't!. This ('complex') example has the accordion without real sizable (form/fieldset) items:

  18. So what can I do?
    layoutConfig://in east container of viewport
    autoWidth: false
    This solves resizing forms but...
  19. this is broken too(((:((

    var form;
    var viewport;
    //var win;
    Ext.onReady(function() {
    form =
  20. damn
    Resizing is broken If I use accordion layout.

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    form =
  21. Yes
    I need accordion in east
    this accordion will receive several forms, populated dynamically
  22. >>Just put the form in as a direct child of the Viewport.
    >>"You cannot add regions to a border layout"
    I can't do that at runtime.
    I have a big application and some plugins-widgets, each of which...
  23. viewport.items.items[1].add(form);


    and this

  24. This works

    form =
  25. So, tell me what kind of container should i use in my border layout config, which I will use
    to add my dynamic forms as a child items.
    viewport=new Ext.Viewport(
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