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  1. This is current for Sencha Touch 2.3:

    Note that this lists the icon include with the named...
  2. Lazy load just means that it doesn't get loaded right away, it gets loaded later. It's a general term with that meaning without specific implementation as it could be applied to any language. Lazy...
  3. Turns out though xcode can automate the device provisioning and stuff, when I looked in the iphone dev provisioning portal there was in fact a mismatch with the provisioning profile so I created...
  4. @vikramiyer's solution worked for me too eventually. Too slow to be practical in my workflow though, I'll probably have to use phonegap for now but will follow Sencha CMD closely 'cause I'm so close...
  5. When I run,

    sencha package run <myconfig>.json

    It launches the app in the simulator nicely. However, when testing on Retina 4-inch (iPhone 5) it appears that the app is not going full height –...
  6. This was a pretty big problem for me. I'm writing to see if anyone from the Sencha team has any roadmap of when this might be implemented in a future version.

    For the others, I can tell you that...
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    I hadn't actually heard of Sencha Cmd. This helped me demystify the ecosystem of old and new. The new sencha mobile packager looks promising, thanks for the heads up about plugins :)
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    Mitchell, do you happen to know the differences between the sencha cmd and phonegap? One of the benefits of PhoneGap is if I need some native functionality and a 3rd party native library (say a QR...
  9. Got it working. I dug into the date picker source to see what I needed to override and I just needed to discover some config properties that are already there that I can exploit to add future dates....
  10. I'm also whipping up an expiration date picker. I found somewhere that you actually can hide the date:

    var today = new Date()


    xtype: 'datepickerfield'
    label: "Exp MM/YY"
  11. I came across this and it didn't quite work for me at first, I suspect my SDK is a bit newer. I'm using 2.0.1. Here are the changes that made it work nicely for me:

  12. I'm using 2.01. I don't know if using type works but this is sufficient:
    identifier: 'uuid'
  13. OK thanks haha. I will stop looking for it then :))
  14. Hi Andrea – I could have sworn you sent me a rough version of your ST2 version or offered to but I was travelling and now I can't find that email. Do you recall that correspondence? If you do have a...
  15. after that type error do you get a stack trace and then another error like this?

    [ERROR] Failed loading your application from: <url>

    the first error distracted me from the bottom url error. I...
  16. peterlu's patch worked for me in 2.0.1 too, thanks!
  17. what's the best way to load a 3rd party script, something that i don't want to port to a sencha touch class? Ideally I could lazily load it rather than sticking it in index.html
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    I have multiple editable lists in a navigation view. These user interaction steps produced a problem where navigating back would cause my previous list to display the delete icons even when it's not...
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    Thanks mitchellsimoens for the tip to port from ExtJS. I have done so to support the usMoney format (Cp.util.Format.usMoney(12.5) will return "$12.50"...), here's the source code in CoffeeScript and...
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    First of all Skywitt, thanks for sharing! Despite troubleshooting, did save me time.

    I don't believe I am using compatability mode and my Sencha Touch version is 2.0.1

    I was getting this...
  21. Hi Andrea, I need your great component for Sencha Touch 2 as well. Are you expecting to release the ST2 version soon? Are you actively working on it? If not, I might just fork it and have a go myself...
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