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  1. Nobody????
  2. Any suggesttions about this big form below,it performanced about 4-5 seconds

    extend: 'Ext.window.Window',
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    Do you have any plan to have a Sencha group in China?
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    I see there is a japanese subForum in the site? You know there is a certain amount of Chinese User.
    will we have a subForum of Chinese?
  5. but any idea of a tree with amount of nodes and many columns?
  6. so none could help me~??
  7. how to fix the trigger field setReadOnly with 4.1.1?
    I know that the release after has been fixed this problem.
    but I just use the 4.1.1 ,any one can help me??? how to override this?
  8. Any idea about treegrid with pagingbar in 4.1.1?
    Some buddy knows,plz tell me! or show me any example you have
    many thanks!
  9. That`s a good idea!
  10. Any plans for the next gpl version???
  11. As an open-source programmer,it is very upset to see this!
  12. So when will we get the next public release?
    For I have an open source project with 4.1.1gpl
    but there is a lot of bugs~
  13. Do we have the chance to achieve the 4.1.2 or 4.1.3 4.1.4 4.15........
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    how to solve it templary?
  15. come on anyone can help me how to deal it????
  16. how can we get this to work with MVC patern???
    can you show us a live demo?
  17. any one help me ?/、
  18. How to use the calendar in MVC way?
    Could someone offer me a live example?
    many thanks!!
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    Maybe you have the same id in your tree node.
    I have met this problem before,just the same node id caused.
  20. With RC2 offical portal demo.
    just drag drop the portlet.
    It still happens.
    Does anyone met the same problem?
  21. I dont know if it is a bug

    when I drop the All portlets in one column ,and the grid portelt at fourth.

    when I scroll down to it. and then the grid scroller does not work any more.

  22. where to get RC2
  23. I just use your subApp demo,it works perfect on my project.Thanks again!
  24. thank u for ur reply,Simoens
  25. When will the beta3/RC be released?
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