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  1. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions on this.
    I'm new to javascript, and I'm not sure whether this situation is usual or not.

    Is it a correct way to build UI by combining html snippet and...
  2. My question is:
    What is the best practice for constructing new element from html snippet and Ext elements?

    Lets say I have html snippet in string variable, like this:

    <div class="root">
  3. Events.Submit event doesn't work under IE. But works under FF.

    Form is initialized with:

  4. I have Container with two panels and splitter.
    LeftPanel has BorderLayoutData with LayoutRegion.CENTER
    RightPanel has BorderLayoutData with LayoutRegion.EAST

    Splitter behavior is not correct....
  5. I have dialog.
    AutoHide property is set to true.

    steps to reproduce:
    - show dialog
    - move it with mouse on screen
    - release mouse button

    actual result:
    - dialog is closed
  6. Seems I have the same problem.
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