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  1. Ext version tested:

    When using the grid cell editing plugin, the column index argument passed to a column renderer is wrong if there is a hidden column. In the...
  2. Yes, move the thread to bugs.

  3. Possibly this is a bug.
    Using version

    Calling find() on a buffered store fails on line 73137 in ext-all-debug, createfilterFn:

    value =,...
  4. I'd like to mention another thing that I've noticed with maximize/restore. I'm in the process of porting code from ext-3.1.0 to the lastest 4.x version. With the old code, if I maximize a window...
  5. A window with no height set, containing fieldsets, will shrink and grow vertically when the fieldsets are collapsed and expanded. If the window is maximized and then restored, the height becomes...
  6. Using ext The picker on a date field in a collapsed fieldset has a similar problem. Here is a modified version of the field-types example:


  7. I also get the getPageBox() error doing the following:

    Click the button to open the window.
    Close the window by clicking the close button in the upper right.
    Re-open the window.
    Drag a row....
  8. I checked my test one more time and found that I had a typo. The following code is based on the examples, window.js with one grid from dnd_grid_to_grid.js. To reproduce: drag a row, close the...
  9. The code I'm working on is part of a very large project that I'm porting from Ext 3.1.0. The code uses the gridviewdragdrop plugin with 'containerScroll: true'.

    However, I made a test case to...
  10. Ext version tested:

    Firefox 19

    Setting containerScroll = true, causes an error the second time the window with the grid is opened.

    Steps to reproduce the...
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    Can you clarify this? Are you saying that if you purchase a license for Ext JS with support, the license for Designer is free? I don't see anything in the store that mentions this. The quote...
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