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  1. Thanks for the information Jacky - this is helpful. I used sencha app create to make the app, but made changes to my index.html file, which is probably causing issues. I'll give it another try.
  2. Thanks for the info Jacky.

    For app.json:

    Which files should I list in the "cache" section of "appCache". Just index.html, or do I also list app.js, app.css, etc.

    I see in the...
  3. Does anyone know of any good documentation for how to generate and implement builds using the SDK? And if there isn't any, when it might be available?

    I'm running into various snags, and am...
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    Check out the XTemplate doc:!/api/Ext.XTemplate

    Towards the bottom, there's one section about "Execute arbitrary inline code..." and one about "Template member...
  5. Thanks for the insights Jacky - that makes sense. It seems like things should work if I moved my sencha files directly into the Public folder.

    I'd prefer to maintain my current folder structure...
  6. Mitchell - any new insights?
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    Check out the source code from some of Sencha's examples...

    You have to set up a ref for your list in your controller. Then:

    var myList = this.getMyList();
  8. Here's how I do it:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.MyController', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    refs: {
    myButton: 'mybutton'
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    You first assign a store to a list (either in the config for the list, or using setStore). You then assign a proxy to the store (either through config for the store, or using setProxy). Lastly, you...
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    have you tried setStore()?
  11. Is there a way to re-configure the path that the SDK tools uses to build my app? Maybe there's an option in app.json? Any other suggestions?
  12. I tried that, except then my app breaks when I try to load it in my browser. I get an error of "no route matches '/view/myfile/etc...'" when the browser tries to load each component, and the route...
  13. I'm trying to run a build using "sencha app build -e production", but am running into an issue where the path to the source files is incorrect. In my case, I'm getting an extra prefix to the path of...
  14. One other thing... I tried upgrading to Sencha 2.0.1, but this didn't help either. I saw that a bug was addressed: "Fixed issues with removal of items from some containers". I'm not sure if this...
  15. Thanks for the info Mitchell.

    I added "this.callParent(arguments)" in my views at the beginning of any code that I placed in "initialize". This didn't help, so I also added that in my controllers...
  16. I'm getting an error: "TypeError: cannot read property 'style' of undefined"when I add a card to a panel, then try to switch to it. On my Galaxy Nexus, this occurs with the Chrome for Android...
  17. You can call getTarget() to determine if the image was tapped.

    //in view
    initialize: function() {
    this.relayEvents(this.element, ['tap']);

    //in controller
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    You have to set the white-space property to "normal" on the x-button-label class.

    If your button has a class 'myButton', you can enter this in your css file:

    .myButton > .x-button-label {
  19. I saw in the blog post for the latest release that there's an app loader which caches my app for quicker startup time. Are there any guides/documentation for how to do this?

    I'm guessing it...
  20. Hi Tommy - thanks for the help.

    I think the issue is that my groups are being sorted by group_name instead of group_index (even though my sortProperty is set to group_index). I tried running my...
  21. I have an array of items for my list, which each have a group_index. I'd like to group these items by group_index, and sort the groups by group_index in ascending order. The order within a group...
  22. Nevermind. My method sorted the list correctly, but it didn't set the header for each group correctly. It used the group_index instead.

    I tried this, but it doesn't sort by any order. It does...
  23. I wasn't actually able to sort by my group index using that method. I managed to make it work with this:

    config: {
    model: 'MyApp.model.Model',
    grouper: {
    direction: 'asc',...
  24. Awesome, that did the trick!

    Although, I should just be able to set a listener for "painted" in the control config, but that doesn't seem to work right now.
  25. Thanks for the insights.

    I had tried listening for maprender and painted using the control config option (I'm using MVC), but neither fired.

    I added a listener for painted using the method you...
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