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  1. Isn't JamesGpearce example working because all its code is nicely set under the same namespace and file while my code is splitted down to 5 files ?
  2. I do use a 4 items XML file for testing purposes where all record are correctly defined.

    Based on this example from JamesgPearce I am trying to set the variable the other way around (as I do for...
  3. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for your help.

    I did try this
    record.get('lat') solution but it keeps bumping "record is not defined" error. This may seem anobvious issue BUT 'lat' value is correctly...
  4. I understood that by calling MyDetailView.Update( I send to MyDetailView and can access them in the xtemplate:

    Additionally I want to use...
  5. I solved it with a double quote escape
  6. Hi,

    Extracting data from XML I want to preprocess one before sending it as a variable to template. A stackoverflow fellow pointed me to Ext.Xtemplate and that is close to do the job.

    In each of...
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