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  1. I tried many grid (Ext.grid.GridPanel)sample examples like the one below without changing any line of code.But no one is running.

    Note:- I am running code in opensocial container- facebook.
  2. hi...really thanks for help....I forgot to put autoScroll:true, for tab...I just checked now....its working well...........thanks:)
  3. Thanks for your reply.
    I want scrollbar in first column also.
    as contents are huge for first column so its not showing all.
  4. Thanks for your reply.
    I want to have same height for both thats not issue.
    main issue is how to have scroll bar if i m using fit layout.
    I tried fitHeight:true, and removed...
  5. Hi,

    I am using column layout having 2 columns .First column is displaying tabpanel and inside tabpanel - portal panels .I am having problem to attach scrollbar with columns.if i dont put...
  6. Thanks for the help...It works now.....
  7. Please help me:((....I am adding tabs into viewport and able to see tabs.
    I want to show portals which are placed in border layout into one of the tab.
    I am doing but nothing is displayed into...
  8. Thanks for the reply.I m also not able to figured out the problem:(.I'll wait for your feedback.
  9. Hi Aaron ..Thanks for your reply.I am not sure about opensocial listener handling.
    I didnt get the cause of the problem.How can I use Ext.grid.GridPanel.Please have a look on following extjs portal...
  10. Hi,

    I am trying to run ext-3.0-rc1.1\examples\portal sample code without any change in opensocial container facebook.
    but It is giving error in line 1669- ext-all-debug line es[ename] =...
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