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    I've used Sencha products since Ext1 in 2007. I've had no call for an Ext app over the last 2 years although we did license 4 for a large corporate development.

    2 months ago I started to learn...
  2. Hi All,

    I know I've seen this before over the years but have spent hours searching today and can't find a solution. I'm trying to set a combox's value in an editor grid panel

    With this combox...
  3. This was caused by setting the renderer as per below:

    text: 'Province',
    dataIndex: 'ProvinceId',
    editor: {
    xtype: 'combobox',
    store: 'Province',
    displayField: 'Name',...
  4. Hi All,

    When loading a grid I get this warning '[W] XTemplate evaluation exception: Cannot read property 'data' of null ' roughly 3 times out of 4 and grid doesn't load all columns. Reloading it a...
  5. Cheers MikeRH,

    I had to add: plugins: 'viewport' to the config for the viewport and all works well.
  6. Hi All,

    I have an app which does some things before displaying the initial viewport checks for a login etc. Creating the main viewport using autoCreateViewport in app.js works fine.

    I'd like...
  7. Please can we have an updated status on this?
  8. Thanks for the discussion.

    One question I have is where should the store be bound in MVVM? Just in the VM or in both the VM & the View?
  9. Thanks, I got it working using dburlea's approach so yours should work too.
  10. Thanks zdm, I actually tried your solution but that throws 'undefined is not a function' on Ext.application.

    I'm struggling to understand why ex-all-debug is so difficult to fire. I'm starting to...
  11. Can someone please clarify how to use ext-all-debug with the microloader?
  12. Hey All,

    Having a look into Ext 5 MVVM and I can't get my head around this.

    I have a GridPanel:

    extend: "Ext.grid.Panel",
  13. I've spent a long time looking at this and can't seem to get it right:

    With this JSON:

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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to loop through nested data for each record in a store and am failing miserably.

    Missing something here:

  15. Hi All,

    Just trying to wrap my head around the changes to 4. Previously I used:

    var loader = new Ext.tree.TreeLoader({
    method: 'POST',
    dataUrl: 'DataHandler.ashx'
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    Is there a Kindle version of ExtJS in Action?
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    Store is in the form:

    {"id": 1, "collection":"test"}
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    Hey Clint,

    Great stuff. setValue() doesn't seem to work though. Using the latest code base.

    I load a store and then:

    ds_collections.on('load', function (thisStore, records, options) {
  19. :))
  20. Thanks for replying Animal

    Either window.close() or window.destroy() illicites this behaviour.
  21. Hi All,

    I have a combo in a window which has a cancel button. If I select an item in the combo and then cancel, IE only fires an error in ext-all-debug.js on line 54849: is null

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    The search is disgraceful.
  23. Condor,

    This is deffo a problem. It's happening in other sites I upgrade to 3.2.1 I'm setting up a test case to demo.
  24. 3.2.1
  25. Here is the full function where 'center' is a center region in a viewport set to layout border.

    function createClaimPanel() {

    var center = Ext.getCmp('center');

    var ds = new...
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