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  1. Hi Thanks for reply. This is my json
  2. Hi ,
    I want to read the data from database and display the values in chekbox group and then display the form.
    I have created a store. on load listener, I read the data and store the data in an...
  3. Thanks to both of you.
    @willigogs : I could not see the grid for the link you have provided.

    Following code helped me to solve this problem

    viewConfig: {
    getEditorParent: function() {
  4. thanks for the link.

    I have gone through the link and it working. But when I checked the source code on Result Panel (through View Source) and the code is using 3.3.1.

    It is occuring only on...
  5. Using extjs 3.0. Issue is on IE

    // sample static data for the store
    var myData = [
    ['3m Co', 71.72, 0.02, 0.03, ...
  6. Help me please.

    The example provided in the thread is not working on IE in extjs 3.0.

    Very Urgent.
  7. I am having release today. and i can not change the version at this stage.

    I am having editor grid where rows in grid gets added dynamically on clicking of 'Add Record' button.
    I am having one...
  8. Thanks Scott.

    Today I have release and at this time I don't wanto to update to 3.4.

    My grid is rendered dynamically.. like

    If my HTML hidden input flag value is 0 display Editor Grid and if...
  9. No One?
  10. Hi,
    I am using ExtJS 3.0. I am getting one issue. I have one editor grid panel where I have many records which causes the grid to scroll.

    When I click on last row in the grid to input the value...
  11. In third case, My form is invalid..But I don't know why my form is invalid.
  12. thanks scottmartin for reply.

    Actually I am having tab panel with 4 tabs..On each tab, there is a form. On one of the tabs, there is grid with row editor. Save button is present on all tabs. On...
  13. Hi All,

    I am new to extjs. I am using extjs3.0. I have one roweditor in grid and one save button.
    I am getting success message in following cases
    1) When I click on 'Add Record' button on grid...
  14. thanks nicobarten.

    But can you give me example.
    The code I am using is

    var KRAReader = new{
    root: 'records', // Containd the Records
  15. Hi,

    I am using itemselector and grid panel.
    I drag the items from fromStore to toStore. works perfect.
    Also there is one button clicking on which a grid panel gets opened in popup.
    What I want...
  16. Replies
    Thanks condor a lot.
    In your previous comment

    actually this was the problem in my code.

    Is it necessary to have both the values same?
  17. Replies
    Thanks Condor.

    I am using mode:'local'

    Here is my code for combo

    comboDesig = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    store: stDesig,
  18. Replies

    I am using grouping store and grid panel.

    The group total is correct. But I want the total should not exceeds to 20.

    How could I achieve this?

    Please help me.
  19. Replies
    Hi all,

    I am using a extjs combo box where the data comes from database table.

    While adding the record, the value field gets inserted in the database.
    but in edit mode, how do I display the...
  20. Yes you are right,

    Thanks a lot Condor.

    I cleared the catch and worked fine.
    Now trying for grouping.

    But getting 'h is undefined' error in FF
  21. Thanks

    I have tried with the above reader,
    But on FF
    I am getting blank grid

    and on IE, I am getting the following error

    Message: 'undefined' is null or not an object
    Line: 7
  22. Hi All,

    I want to display the static json in the editor grid.
    But Its not working on IE getting error
    On FF, It is displaying the blank grid

    The code is as
  23. Hi Guys,

    I am using extjs 3.0.
    What I want to do is

    I am having itemselector where the data in 'available' list comes from database.
    when I select an item from 'available' and add it to...
  24. Any help please?
  25. This is my code for

    <style type="text/css">
    .grey-row .x-grid3-cell-inner{
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