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  1. Are there plans to support the Json Proxy ? And the Sencha MVC pattern ?
    We are currently using it a lot to populate the stores, and I would prefer this mechanism rather than having to use a...
  2. I played around a bit with Touch4J (which I presume is similar to Ext4J), and have an concern: Would the application use RPC to fetch data (e.g. from the stores), or would it use the 'normal'...
  3. Yes, and having Java strict type-checking makes refactoring a lot easier to perform (although IntelliJ does a pretty good job at it)

    I'm curious to see the what Ext4J and Touch4J do in terms of...
  4. Thanks, looking forward to it !

    To be honest, I would much rather have the library now than wait for an even more amazing explorer app.

    Regards, Barry
  5. The demo sources look really promising, I would like to testdrive and play around with Ext4J. Can you at least commit your current draft to Github, so people can play with it ?

    It's great that you...
  6. As a workaround, for now I've added the 'rest/ux' folder to my project, and added dummy files there:

    Ext.define('Rest.ux.Messages', {

    In the generated app.js file, the ignore and exclude...
  7. Hi,

    I'm currently struggling to get SenchaCmd to work in our project. We use JSP in our project, and we store the permissions and messages (resource-bundle) in a server-generated JavaScript.
  8. Replies

    What is the license for this extension ? It says in the header that it's dual licensed under MIT and GPL, the GPL is a problem for us, MIT is OK.

    Can we use this extension in a commercial...
  9. 1) Override default ExtJS Textfield behavior for autocomplete (copied from lagnat):

    Ext.define('ACField', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.field.Text',

    initComponent: function() {
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