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  1. How do I get the final parameters of the existing data store. I will request to convert query string the parameters to another window.

    This process could be performed extjs 3 with...
  2. The same problem is here.

    // load form from grid record

    // Bind combo value
  3. Minor addition for me.

    //LINE 55:
    allowBlank: true,
  4. Kebab WebOS desktop screenshot is here.

    Main Desktop Application manages Profile and feedback applications.

    Best regards.
  5. Hi,

    I implement the EventBusManager (Kebab.kernel.EventBusManager) class for our open source project. Please visit and review our structure and EventBusManager usage.

    Project name is Kebab...
  6. Thank you for your suggestion theluk. I tried this solution but I can not run. What's the latest on this issue ?

    Best regards.
  7. Nice extension. Congratulations.
    Thanks for sharing.

    We wrote a smilar extjs 3.x extension for kebab project. (
    If you want to use, you can look this link:...
  8. Hi Ext JS Lovers,

    The Kebab Project team is pleased to announce the first beta released of Kebab Project 1.5.0, v1.5.0.beta1. It is immediately downloadable from the Github.

    Github Link:...
  9. I can not find this feature as a component extjs 3.x. Could you help?
    I want to editing treegrid rows like editorGridPanel.

    I want to this link:...
  10. Hi everyone,

    We try to develop RESTful grid (

    Our problem is when we want to delete multiple rows, checkbox selection model and...
  11. Hımm. I have a remote combobox. Ajax request is disconnected when I want to reset it.Is it possible?
    Because ajax request is throw exception, I can't fill the comboox again.

    Note: This is that...
  12. How can I find or access the EXT Component to make last AJAX request?

    1- remote combobox ajax request
    2- ajax request exception
    3- ext getCmp(ID), ID ?? Ajax request return this ID ? maybe...
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