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  1. The high resolution in retina cause any influence on st2 framework ?? Perhaps all image must be redraw? so does css?
  2. i run the same demo in Android 2.3 native browser. it performed well.So maybe this crash is the problem of iPad device itself or ios or safari ?
  3. i checked the iPad device memory and over 100M was free. I searched the forum and found this problem existed from chart1.x. If it's a bug, I hope it can be fixed in 2.0GA, else if it happened because...
  4. safari quit when i taped several times on chart swap(most case in two touches).Does it happen only in iPad 1 because of less memory ? or it's a bug development team will fix ?
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    I met the same question. it consistently crashed when i tap the second chart.Does this bug only exit in iPad 1 ?? And development team will fix it on touch charts 2.0GA ?
  6. i had tried this config in bar,column,pie. whatever true or false I set,the series always show in legend.
  7. if I add the config of gradients in Ext.chart.Chart and apply it to series renderer function, color of series will be changed correctly. However I cant found anywhere to change the legend color...
  8. ans = sprite || me.getSurface().add({ type: 'text',
    text: text,
    font: Math.max(12, 0) + 'px Arial',
    'text-anchor': 'center',
  9. if could, how to set it? i had tried in 'style' but failed.
  10. thanks ,it's great!
  11. sencha touch had released 2.0 GA yesterday,then when will charts? I don't want to go back st1.1 just because of the lack of charts components.So how long will I wait for it,can anyone tell me a...
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