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  1. We are seeing this same problem with Touch 2.1 beta 1. We want to automatically move the user from one form field to the next when they have entered the appropriate amount of characters (phone number...
  2. I can confirm this is still not fixed in 2.1RC1. We're seeing it even on iphones in our test environment. What can be causing that?

    Also neither of the previous two posts seemed to help in our...
  3. For what it's worth, I have been testing the new Sencha List in Touch 2.1 beta 3. We still need the UxBuffered list for some of the Androids we test on.

    We have a channel list with about 1200...
  4. The problem with over-riding the min-height in the CSS file is that after you do that, then you can't select the last item in the picker.

    The Kitchen Sink is doing the exact same thing right now:...
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    Thanks. By the way do you know if the upgrade command works with Sencha? I wanted to upgrade fromSencha 2.1 beta 1 to beta 3, but the SDK tools didn't seem to work. So I downloaded the new command...
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    I was getting the exact same error. I finally found the solution here:

    Unfortunately now I can't open my JS files in...
  7. Nope. Apparently the solution is to wait for ios4 to go away.
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    I can confirm this is fixed with the latest release. Thanks!
  9. I think I am having the same problem. I opened a ticket with support for it. FWIW here is what I sent them:
  10. I'm trying to figure out how to use the SASS variables exposed on the Sencha picker ($sheet-bg-color, $sheet-bg-gradient, etc.) but I can't find any examples. Are these properties something that I...
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    It would be nice if you guys would put a radio.getGroupValue() call/unit test into the Kitchen Sink. I remember this breaking for a while in Sencha 1.x as well. I searched the entire Sencha examples...
  12. Is this still coming along? We're trying to upgrade to Sencha 2 - but we use this buffered list class for a channel lineup that displays over 1000 channels. I'm really hoping this thing gets finished...
  13. Well FWIW - I've found the problem is the overflow:hidden property when applied to the fullscreen div via the x-scroller-parent and x-fit-item classes. If I comment those out the FB button magically...
  14. Has anyone else every run into this problem with Sencha and iFrames? Workarounds? I can't believe I'm the only one who's ever tried to implement the Facebook Like button through Sencha.
  15. As I stated in the post, the iFrame in question is actually coming from the Facebook API implementation of the Like button. We have no control over it. I just used this simple iFrame to demonstrate...
  16. (sorry title is a little confusing - basically I mean if the iFrame is lower on the page than the Viewport height)


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha 2.0.0, Sencha 1.1.0...
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    A big chunk of our app uses Ext.util.Observable.observe as well. We are looking to upgrade to Sencha 2 and this is the first non-trivial change I've found. I found this thread looking for a...
  18. We are seeing this same problem on iPhone with 4.3.3. The kitchen sink is doing it as well.
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    Kithcen sink doesn't work for me either on Droid X - 2.2. It seems like it wants to start but I just see the "piece of film" icon instead.
  20. We have a requirement as well to show the address bar. But setting fullscreen : false seems to break our layout. I get the following javascript error:

    url: channel/channelLineup.jsp failed; error:...
  21. Apparently setScrollable() does not work on the fly. I'm not really sure what the point of it is then, since you can just set the scroll property when you create the component. I could use this as...
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    I had to log in 3 times before it worked. Even though it said "Thank you for logging in suzzer99, redirecting you to..." Also a ton of other things are wonky.
  23. Any word on when docs for this will be available?
  24. Does anyone know why I can't find Router in either the EXT JS or Sencha Touch API docs? Very strange.
  25. Hey is there any update on this? thx
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