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  1. When creating a new project with SDK Tools Beta3 - these are the differences I found with Architect 2:

    1) SDK Beta3 creates additional folders
  2. OH: I didn't see there was a specific forum for that :P - makes total sense - I'll post there

    Thanks Aaron
  3. Tweaking in the dark without docs or examples is a rather time consuming and frustrating path :-P

    Any specifics as to items 4 and 5 from the previous post - or any other 'tweaks' that need to be...
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    Well this seems like about the most viewed and commented thread in the forum - and oddly enough I'm working on a multi-language app as well (who isn't these days?)
  5. Thanks for the reply - but what about doing a deployment with the SDK from an Architect project?

    Is this supposed to work currently?

    4) There does seem to be a problem with deployment to...
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    UPDATE: If a project is created with SDK Tools Beta 3 (command line), it creates the correct project structure that includes a sdk folder that contains the pictos icons, config.rb files, compass scss...
  7. How can validators such as MyPresenceValidation display as ValidateBusinessPhone (for example) in the Project Inspector panel?

    In a complex model there could be quite a few Validators and...
  8. I've created & built out an Architect 2 project that works fine and can deploy from within Architect (copy) - but does not optimize as with sencha command.

    So... I wanted to create an optimized...
  9. I'll chime in on this one.

    The lack of current working examples in Sencha 2 MVC style that are non-trivial - and the extensive (but cryptic) documentation without syntax examples or Architect...
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    And then like magic - everything is obvious, simple and just works.

    Nothing like a "Complete Working Example" to keep from re-inventing the wheel and going down dark alleys...

    Getting beyond...
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    I second that motion, hear hear...

    Deploy could use some love.
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    Thanks - found the pictos files.

    Quite a few mysteries about what's going on under the covers with Architect...

    How does Architect know where the pictos files are? css?

    Trying to setup...
  13. Have a simple project setup in Architect and all works and deploy does it's thing just fine - and the phone / ipad renders just fine and it works. Woo Hoo!

    Load time for my iPhone over 3GS is way...
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    I want to use the pictos icons in Sencha Touch 2 / Architect and have viewed the videos, docs, etc... - but most are 1.1 vintage.

    Compass/Sass is implemented for the project

    Understand all the...
  15. I've setup a Sencha Touch 2 Architect project to work with Sass / Compass.

    Currently - none of these Compass styles show up in Architect in Design - but do work in Preview.

    What is the roadmap...
  16. Not quite sure how this happened - but how do you set it back to ascending sort?

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    Seems it's not quite so simple...

    Ext.define('CRM.view.Login', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.login',

    config: {
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    Need to put a logo & text in the TitleBar - or just a png - how to do that?
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    What is the best way to align a button, or buttonset within Architect?

    I want to align the Login button right.

    Do I need to do a container & spacer like in a toolbar - or what?


  20. That did the trick - thanks
  21. That did the trick.

    No reboot required.

    Happy days :-)
  22. I created an external css file, added it as a resource and added a class called email-hint (that changes the font color, size, etc...)

    I have tried entering the css class under style and cls...
  23. 35260

    Here's what comes up when trying to deploy.

    I installed the SDK after installing Architect - if that matters.
  24. 35258

    When I type sencha at the command prompt - it gives this...
  25. I am having a similar problem - but on Windows.

    I don't see anywhere within Architect to set the SDK path?
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