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  1. I'm going to be using ExtJS in a project that's going to have quite a few normal forms. ExtJS won't be controlling the layout, but it will be used extensively for widgets.

    I'd ideally like to...
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    I suggest you read this documentation regarding loading data into a form panel:
  3. Well, if you were using MVC, your view would display/format the data correctly for viewing on your client, so you can htmlEncode the <b>foo on your server and it would display fine.

    If you were...
  4. What browser were you using to produce the bug?

    Using FF3 I was not able to reproduce it.
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    I think the straight up answer is:

    Yes, to achieve that type of layout and far more complex that will even rescale itself to different resolutions and window sizes is extremely simple with ExtJS...
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    Well I'm going to take a guess at this since it's still not totally resolved.

    I'm thinking when you select the item/checkbox in the dataview, that the item may be getting re-rendered, thus,...
  7. Specifically for ensuring characters are encoded so that they display correctly, I think doing your htmlEncode on either the server side or client side in a renderer would be acceptable.

    If your...
  8. Sorry, I probably wasn't clear enough when I said this, but there currently is no such configuration option, I was more suggesting it to be added to the FormPanel if someone from the dev team...
  9. Someone else also had this problem a little while ago and solved it in a similar way.

    The problem is, Ext.form.FormPanel creates a <form> HTML element, this allows the form to easily post its...
  10. Was having exactly the same problem, but, your fix worked correctly Condor.
  11. You might want to look at adding support for Sub-classes.

    The documentation for it is generated, but you can't access the documentation as a class is always displayed as a leaf node in the tree...
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    I think I caused some confusion by using NumberField in my example. This is happening in any field, at least for me it is.

    Edit: Any disabled field. In my last screenshot, you can see the last...
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    Very strange.

    I redownloaded the theme and replaced my copy with it.

    I retried again with "ext-2.2\examples\form\dynamic.html" and I'm still seeing the same issue (FF3).
  14. Your presentation layer shouldn't be scrubbing input.

    The presentation, particularly with JS frameworks, is sitting on the client, so anyone who could figure out how to do an XSS attack could...
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    Hi, great theme.

    There seems to be a problem though with disabled form fields.

    Easy to replicate, new Ext.form.NumberField({ value: 1, disabled: true });

    As you can see, in the screen shot,...
  16. I wanted similar behavior a while back and simply just decided to go with the default after wasting too much time trying to get it to work correctly.

    Thanks Condor, this is going to be useful when...
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    The Page_Load event is executed on the server before the page reaches the client. The page is in fact still 'rendering' on the server, therefore, because ExtJS is a client side javascript framework,...
  18. Was this bug ever officially fixed? Its starting to crop up more and more in my applications.

    I thought it might have been solved in ver 2.2, but it still seems to be a problem.
  19. I just added a custom argument to a 'click' event handler today and it worked fine O_o.
  20. Well, like I said, ExtJS's ViewPort would render below the ASP.Net form tags. I have quite a few FormPanels in those applications communicating back and forward with .Net Web Services.

    I have used...
  21. A panel with layout 'form' does not implement most of the FormPanel functionality and public methods (as FormPanel implements this ).

    You would have to assign each field an ID or hold a reference...
  22. Testing the following code in ext-2.2/examples/form/test.html worked fine for me.

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">
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    Indeed it does show promise. I think my main point, which I happened to omit =), was that I think its very possible at present to use current ExtJS widgets, with some customization for size issues...
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    So I was bored as heck, and decided to give the ExtJS samples site a visit from my phone (Samsung D900i) with the Opera Mini browser for laughs.

    Most the of ExtJS site rendered damn well actually....
  25. Its a great grid widget for jQuery. ExtJS is not always an option in all environments for many different reasons, especially since 2.1. I've found that, at least in the environments I've been working...
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