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  1. I am trying to color it based on the value of the cell. So, for example, if the value of the cell is false color it red and if it is true color it green (the cast of the ColumnConfig is <Object,...
  2. Hello,
    I was wondering how to change the fill color of a cell in a grid based on the value. I have been able to color behind the text such that looks like the second example in this website:
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    Something similar to your issue is that I believe a NPE is thrown when there is a null yField value. So for instance, in the stacked bar charts Movies example, if you change to code to for getMovie...
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    Unfortunately not... it isn't a high priority item so I've been working on other tasks.
  5. Try adding this listener to your store:

    var dsGrid = new{
    listeners: {
    beforeload: function(store, operation){
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    I'm trying to draw a sprite onto a chart and setting a constraint that it can only move in the y-direction. In the end, I'm trying to create a line to represent an average rate which can be moved up...
  7. Possible bug: When creating a chart (stacked column is what I was using), if all the y values for a particular y have a 0 value, the y-xis is not rendered.

    Also noticed this bug in FireBug when...
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