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  1. Cheers tnickl
    That's it exactly.

  2. Hi,

    I have a question about carousel. I have a carousel and I'd like create its cards with real time data loaded from a server. The number of cards is unknown and determined by the real time data....
  3. Similar Question. How to load images dynamically, but I'm in an override file as I'm using Sencha Architect i.e.

    Ext.define('BoilerShop.OverrideDiagramCarousel', {
  4. Hi
    This should be simple & common task I think but I'm on learning curve.

    There is a lovely image zoom control below which I can work outside of SA but I need to...

    Dynamically change the...
  5. Well done lads.
    Double click on android 2.3 works great, best we can hope for.
    Did someone mention adding 'zoomIn/zoomOut Buttons for Android' as 2.3 is 95% of market.

  6. Does anyone have a online working example of this that I can try.

    My client keeps showing me his android phone 2.3 and pinches in and out of any image he finds on any crap web page.
    Then asks me...
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