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  1. Yes, I agree, that I didn't used it correctly.

    I was just confused since I didn't got any errors or warning during development and the interactions worked fine.
    But okay, it lead me to really...
  2. Wow, this actually solves my problem!

    So the conclusion is a combination of my misuse of the syntax and a bug(?) that the deployment process is more sensitive (due to the development branch works...
  3. So I finally found the error, but it leaves me with a design question. I found out, that I created my panels wrong in a tab panel like this:

    Ext.define("Playground.view.Main", {
  4. Hi again

    Its almost like you describe that I created my app, however I tried again with a fresh app and it worked! I've added images with tap-events that call Ext.Msg.alert, deployed to testing...
  5. Hi Mitchell

    I've noticed that you reply really quick - thumbs up!

    However, I've tried with the "testing" deployment which unfortunately produced the same error free result.

    Also, I can see I...
  6. Hi all

    Im new to ST2 and not sure if this is a bug, but I've really tried a lot of different things to make it work.

    My app is created from scratch using the command:

    sencha app create...
  7. Replies
    I'm getting exactly the same bug. I can make a build with the development.js microloader, but then tap events stops working in my build.

    Curious to see if its a bug!
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