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    we want to do some automatic ui-tests for our web-application. we believe seleniuim test are the easiest und best way to do this (please tell me, if someone has found a better solution).
  2. Annotations in client code can be used during GWT's rebind phase of the
    compilation, but they are not accessible at runtime on the client side.

    have a look at:
  3. so there is nothing i can do?
    for example ordering the data on the server-side, so the client only has to show the result?

    what is so time consuming?
  4. hi all,

    we have a grouping grid in our application - like the example in the explorer demo.

    the difference to the demo:
    - we load the data after building the grid with "store.add(List of...
  5. hello,

    we have cell editor showing a combo box in our grid. but now we have the requirement to show not selections from the combo box, the number and type of selections depends on some properties...
  6. hi,

    i am also looking for an example with a RpcProxy. can someone provide a code-snippet for that?

  7. hi,

    thx for your answere

    to customize the datepicker is my problem, because i have not the knowledge to do this easily. but i will try ...

  8. hi,

    i want to set the column header background color for a special grid (not for all grids). i recognized the "x-grid3-header" style. but if i overwrite this style in a custom css file, all styles...
  9. but if i use a modelprocessor for the bean and i select the bold item, is the item in the selection shown as "<b>item_value</b>"?

    can you provide a short code-snippet for the modelprocessor...
  10. Hi,

    i have a ComboBox on my Panel. In this ComboBox i have to show some Elements in bold and some not.

    i have no idea, how to do this

    anyone can help me ...
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    yes - it's possible to sort it on the client side - thx for the hint.

    so far it's working, but i don't understand, why the ordering from the list is not in the grouping grid.
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    Hi all,

    i have a List of Elements in a Grid grouped by a property. See attached image:

    As you can see, the Elements inside the group...
  13. the main window is full with ui-elements and the company i am working for wants this solution (:|
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    maybe an other solution is to mask the active window. if the RPC call finished or onFailure, you unmask it.
  15. i give the answere myself ... if someone is interested in the soloution

    found a working solution there
  16. hi,

    i use the ComboBox and NOT the SimpleComboBox ... because of having a different key to the shown value.

    So therefore i can't use the "SimpleComboBoxFieldBinding" :(. Any idea?

  17. That's great!

    It's working ... sorry for my stupid question. I'm still learning to use GXT, and there are a lot of things in GXT i overlooked, because of these tons of features :">

    Thank you
  18. Hi all,

    i have a BaseModel with some key-value pairs in the RcpMap (e.g. "firstName", "lastName", ...). Now i want to bind the keys from the BaseModel to the depending TextField<String> on my form...
  19. hi,

    nobody knows this?
    or is this the wrong place for asking?

    i know, this is not directly a GXT question ... but maybe
    someone had the same problem and solved it.

  20. Hi all,

    i have a method which is callinging an async service, which returns a boolean.

    This method releases a handle on a database and is in the base implementation
    of my sindow, so every...
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    ok - that's right
    i forgotten this difference :">

    Maybe you can use a different Proxy (RpcProxy) to do server-side reloads?
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    i thought that the BufferedGrid in 2.0 IS LIKE THE ActiveGrid :-?

    please correct me, if i understood something wrong
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    in Version 1.2.4 i was able to set a ToolBar at the top of my WebDesktop with desktop.getDesktop().add(new MyMenuToolbar()); This ToolBar was for all Windows, opened in the WebDesktop, because...
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    And i see the Buffered GridView.

    I think, that's what i was waiting for such a long time =P~
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    download 2.0-M1
    download tomcat (i use apache-tomcat-6.0.18)
    put the "samples.war" (downloaded with the 2.0-M1 package) to the "webapps" folder of your tomcat
    start tomcat
    Run it from...
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