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  1. always use ref, like put itemId on every object that you need to query or needed to be changed..for example in your titlebar.. add an itemID and put that item in the ref configuration so if you...
  2. in your store definition try to setup a proxy like setting it up as a json with a dummy url..

    var myStore = Ext.create('', {
    model: 'User',
    proxy: {
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    Hi Guys,

    Too bad for me but I just only got ExtJS Premium account and I need to ask this complicated questions.. The following is Sencha Touch scenario .. I hope you can help me..

  4. Thanks for the answer.

    But this needs code change for us right?

    I actually never tried this one but for example i have created sample Sencha touch app and I will put my existing code you mean...
  5. Hi Guys,

    Too bad for me but I just only got ExtJS Premium account and I need to ask this complicated questions..


    * We are developing a Sencha Touch application
    * Our app is more...
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    In my experience if you use Ext.Container it will act as normal as it should but if it is Ext.form.Panel then you have to tap it twice...
  7. But your really a big help...

    Btw I used Ext.ux.Deferred much better if this is included in the Core
  8. By the way.. I'm thinking so much on this issue..

    And it seems the most simplest answer is put your components in the "show" event :) Damn!
  9. Btw I already got it working

    var me = this;
    if (store == null) {
    store = 'Translations';
  10. But the problem in Sencha is how can you wait an Ajax call?

    My current approach is by using Ext.Ajax + async equals to false then it will wait for the translation to be loaded then I'll just...
  11. I wonder why not use a store on this?

    By the way I'm using Drupal as a web services and what do you mean create a initialization routine?
  12. Hi Guys,

    I need your help, my scenario is that I have a

    Translation Store - which contains all the text translations from a services and I want to use this translations data when creating a...
  13. We need visa right on going to Australia? Btw I'm from the Philippines. Is there any South East Asia event?
  14. can i ask where did you put or store your token? is it in the URL?
  15. It really depends on your requirements.

    - You can have an oath authentication and every API call you made to your API resource it requires your Oath token
    - Storing session token , much the same...
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    is saving the session token or access token on client side is safe?
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    This will be impossible you can only include a window if you trigger or show it
  18. Thanks for the reply..

    Regarding my other question , if you look at this desktop sample

    It's like each...
  19. We are making an application were we need to have this requirements.

    - Login (API Authentication)
    - Logout (Killing the current user session)
    - Dashboard (which has lots of application menus )...
  20. Thanks!

    exactly what I need
  21. I've been looking for this and found a boilerplate for BackboneJS. I'm planning to set the same file structure for Ext JS.

    Do you guys have a template structure for files , scripts, and templates?
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