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  1. the bug still exists!
  2. you can open this file with notepad++, and copy "第" to replace "页" for pagingToolBar_beforePageText
  3. thank you, sven, i download version 2.2.0 and test it ,it's fixed,
    but in file pagingToolBar_beforePageText's localization is still wrong,
    in Chinese this variable should be...
  4. In version:2.1.1, The PagingToolBar class has a bug that the message variable "pagingToolBar_afterPageText" is not used yet, in the browser it shows "paging{}", not "paing{} of {}", but in version...
  5. from verion 1.6 to 2.1.1, it is always wrong for variable "pagingToolBar_beforePageText" in, in this file the value in chinese is "页",but actullay it should be "第",pls check...
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