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  1. I also confirm that changing rule order in _Class.scss resolves the issue in latest stable Chrome 29.0.1547.57 and 31.0.1611.3 canary.

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.2.0
    Sencha Touch 2.2.1

    Browser versions tested against:
  3. To get more details about package name resolving refer to May be we need a kind of FAQ at project's site.
  4. You're right! Utf-8 was not working. Encoding was lost when we added support for ExtJS 3.0 in rev 168. I've made changes and it is at
  5. UTF-8 problems were fixed in revision 141

    Try to use latest snapshot from
  6. Dumas,
  7. arthurakay,

    ext-doc currently doesn't support documenting of attributes in object parameters for methods. If you have a proposal, how it may be done, please, add it to the issue list as...
  8. Good!

    BTW, I also use IntelliJ IDEA!
  9. Currently it is not possible. But we plan to support other languages in the future.
  10. Try to use latest snapshot from It supports UTF-8 in source files.
  11. nctag,
    I see the problem. This problem occurs when you try to generate docs for ExtJS 3.0 only. For ExtJS 2.x it's OK. In PM aconran from ExtJS Development Team mentioned that they've some made...
  12. Correct, only Subversion is required, but current release is in - is used for experiments only... I hope,...
  13. ext-doc source code is available at Google Code. To get full source code just follow the instructions in Build from SVN section.
  14. Funcracker,
    Thanks for comments!

    ext-doc is available under GNU General Public License v3 so you can freely modify source code if you don't want to distribute it after that, otherwise you...
  15. Thanks for suggestion, Jay!

    Actually, I'm trying to choose proper solution for the site. I thought about Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress/Wikimedia or something custom based on Zend Framework. I've had...
  16. Today I've made a very simple first page for ext-doc project:

    I know that ext-doc requires more documentation or tutorials, when I'll have time for that - I'll put some more...
  17. Oh... I see! Thanks, Jay!
  18. I'm so happy to find docs generated for ExtJS 3.0, but there are only core components as far as I understand. Unfortunately, I'm far away from office these days (and during next 2 months). So I can...
  19. I'm back...
  20. I'll be off for a while... (1-2 weeks) Someone stole my passport - I have to restore it in my parent's town, and... there is no internet :(
  21. I think It's better to put MACOSX info here, after that may be it will be moved to something like project's FAQ.

    I can guess that you use docs from your local folder. It should be deployed to...
  22. You can blog of course, now I have domain, but I have no time to make a page for that... So currently there are just docs and latest build.
  23. Hi, Jay!

    Since now you are a member of ext-doc project! And you can commit to SVN. If you have any problems feel free to ask!
  24. Currently there is no such functionality, but it seems to be useful. You can add this idea to the issue list as enhancement - and I'll remember about this when I'll modify code next time.
  25. MJ,

    I also noticed these "-more" files and I see two Functions in the class tree... It happens because @class Function is declared twice in Ext.js and Ext-more.js. And I can not do anything with...
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