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  1. Yes. The success and failure callbacks are called with two arguments--the new model and operation. The server's response can be found in the operation object:

    makeRequest: function (model,...
  2. This is hard to do in unit testing frameworks like Jasmine and makes testing individual units of code difficult. Do you have any suggestions how one could unit test a controller?
  3. The
    autoDestory: false on the navigator does fix the immediate problem, but it doesn't seem like would be the approach that Sencha recommends, because when the components are again registered the...
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    I'm having the same problem.

    [EDIT] - found this on SO which solved my problem:
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    I did something similar, except instead of storing the information as a file I added it as a column in a sqlite database (JSON as one column) and then have other columns for the object's metadata. ...
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    Yeah, I was able to do it after a deep dive into the data package and seeing how the proxies are put together. What type of proxy are you planning on making?
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    As a member of a large dev team using Sencha Touch, I think TypeScript could help us out a lot in identifying problems before runtime.
  8. Cool, thanks for the info. I was using the Sencha 2.0 SDK, not the new cmd. But hopefully we'll be able to update the project to 2.1 soon so we can use the cmd.
  9. For anyone that was having a similar problem to me, make sure that the Cordova Script is in index.html before microloader.js. Then you'll get this sweetness:
  10. tomalex0, I think you hit it on the nose. I am running my Sencha app in the iOS simulator in Cordova, but when I ask whether or not it's running in a webview, the answer is...
  11. Love the SDK tools. I just used them to create a new model:

    sencha generate model --name=BusinessObject --fields=data:string,key:string,name:string,status:int,timestamp:string

    The only...
  12. Thanks for the reply.

    No, I haven't. Is 2.1 publicly released yet?

    Anyway, I figured out what the problem was. I was calling setTimeout.apply(this, [args]), essentially passing in a different...
  13. SDK version tested:

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    I will, thank you.
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    Hi friends,

    I'm about to embark on writing a custom proxy that gets data from the Cordova File Plugin. I was wondering if anyone was aware of a guid for how to write a custom proxy that might be...
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    Hi folks,

    Saw that there might have been a potential guide offered above... any progress on this? I'm about to try to write a custom proxy and some guidance would be great!

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