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  1. I have the problem in my application too, but unfortunately your fiddle doesn;t seem to reproduce the problem. When I run it, I can select a textfield and it receives focus.
  2. The arguments signature between the initial call to fn and the evented calls to fn are different. Namely:

    initially: column, widget, record
    evented: record, column
  3. Actually I want both. This is my operation (leaving the uri parameter unencoded for readability)

    DELETE /customers?filter=[{"property":"email","value":"test*","operator":"like"}]

  4. In contrast to other questions where is asked to remove the entity body from a DELETE a request, I want an entity body. With this ajax request, no entity body is sent:

  5. If you run this code in Ext, you'll see 2 get request for the first page. When you run it in, you'll see just 1 get request.

    What was done to fix this?

    Reason I'm asking...
  6. Is there a workaround? Listen on the proxy maybe? As a workaround I guess I could implement a setInterval on the beforeload event that keeps on checking for store records changes and fire load...
  7. When you're looking for this solution in ExtJS5, here's mine.

    Ext.define('Ext.overrides.grid.header.ConfigurableContainer', {
    override: 'Ext.grid.header.Container',

  8. I've done so and created a fiddle on it. This is firing the events and showing the html.

    name : 'Fiddle',

    launch : function() {
    var myMsg =...
  9. I expected the html being shown in the MessageBox and the event handlers being called. It doesn't happen.

    name : 'Fiddle',

    launch : function() {
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    With ExtJS 4.2.1 I have a combo configured with
    queryMode: 'local' and I loaded it programmatically using

    params: {
    x: 1

    The store was indeed loaded, but when I...
  11. Me too. Same versions as previous poster
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    SenchaFire at the horizon.
  13. You can send me an email or find me on AirPair for further help. I feel like misusing this thread if I was to answer your questions here.
  14. This:

    var app = express();
    app.enable('trust proxy'); //

    //then this before app.router is used
    app.use(function(req, res, next) {
  15. It's a known problem.
  16. This may be related to:

    EXTJS-10027 - (patch supplied here by michael.johnson)
    EXTJS-10043 -...
  17. Exact same thing here. Weird. Rewriting to
    Ext.MessageBox.confirm(title, message, function(buttonId) {console.log(arguments)}); didn't help to get the callback called either.

    @rbraddy (How) did...
  18. I found a solution for comboboxes. It doesn't fix it in the core, but at least you get your trigger to not fire.

  19. There's a bug report here:
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    I can confirm this bug to exists in Ext JS and
    that the possible fix proposed by JacobGu is effective.
  21. I completely understand where your tone is coming from. Why (on earth) is Sencha setting a flag startCollapsed to false intentionally. Your solution kicks ass. For anybody trying the same. Really,...
  22. If you want to remove all records from the store and not the server, there's a much easier solution

  23. Still missing in 4.2.1
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    I found this thread googling: extjs component selector nth child

    Nigel's answers is the way to go. Here's how to write pseudo classes:...
  25. Great discussion guys!
    I had the same problem (headers not sent with the preflight OPTIONS request). The server would reject the request and CORS could not be enabled. I ended up removing the server...
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