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  1. The first one is the location.

    To find out if it works, try with Firebug ( There you can see the amount of data transmitted.
  2. Hello, today i've discovered a parameter in Tomcat that can resolve the big first load time of a ExtGWT application in the navigator cache.

    In my desktop app, the size of the script file that the...
  3. I have the same problem in Firefox. :-?
  4. Thank you very much Oleg.

    Two issues resolved. :D
  5. I need that scroll buttons too!
  6. The first issue was resolved including the needed styles in the css and the button images on the images folder.

  7. The DualListField is the one you can find here

    The first issue is that when i have included this widget in my app, the buttons in the...
  8. Thank you very much takayser.

    Works fine! Very useful. ;)
  9. My question is if is there any way to move windows out of the bound of the desktop, like in MS-Windows one. To maximizate space in it, the user could move a part of a windows out of the bounds.
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    I'm also interested in this two points:

    1. - Taskbar scrolling.
    2. - Quicklaunch bar.

    Deanna, if you could help us with that taskbar.js or any other stuff, i will be very thankfull of you.
  11. Works exactly as you post it. ;)
  12. Thank you very much Arno!

    Works fine! :D
  13. This error is produced by the code i've put in the css to resolve the problem of the text larger than the column in Firefox. This problem is resolved by IE putting suspensive dots automatically.
  14. I've put a grid in my app wich uses the plugin to expand rows. It's working fine in IE but is not showing the expand button in Firefox 3.5.5. :-?

    Two caps to illustrate the bug (the first from IE,...
  15. Anybody knows how to include quick launch in the desktop taskbar? I would like to put in an icon to minimize all the opened windows like the one in Windows.

    I've found the "taskbar-split-h.gif" in...
  16. Anybody know how to include quick launch in the desktop taskbar? I would like to put in an icon to minimize all the opened windows like the one in Windows.

    I've found the "taskbar-split-h.gif" in...
  17. Hi all.

    I don't know why but all the windows i put in my GXT desktop shows wrong as the capture i've included in this post. The close button moves to the left, top of the title.

    I didn't made...
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    Thank you very much, Arno.Nyhm, works fine.

    I've tried it in Gxt 1.x.

    In Firefox the animation is better than IE8, i suppose because IE8 is slower.
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    I have a problem using hibernate with GXT. It displays a message "The call failed on the server, see server log for details" when the application loads and make an asynchronous call to hibernate.
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    There is a type of fieldset wich can be colapsed. How can i animate this fieldset to do it sliding?
  21. Nobody has the same problem and has resolved it? :-?
  22. This behavior is resolved in GXT 2.0.1 version, but it has anothers bugs i've reported and are reolved in SVN. But, i don't have access to it, so i have to stay in 1.2.3 one.
  23. I have a desktop with some icons with different listeners to open windows each one.

    I've put a grid into one of this windows, this grid has a listener to open a new window when the user clicks on...
  24. Thank you for your fast reponse Sven.

    Where is the SVN?
  25. I have a desktop app working fine in GXT 1.2.3 version, now i've updated to 2.0.1 and comes with two bugs i think can be related.

    1. When open a new window, the active button in the taskbar...
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