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  1. Manually define the back button.

    var me = this, // navigationview
    nav = me.getNavigationBar();

    // use custom defined back button instead of an abstract default
  2. Easily so.

    You can even have both the projects in the /app/ folder as /app/app-OURAPP and /app/app-THEIRAPP.

    The requires would then have another term in the reference.
  3. initialize: function() {

    var me = this,
    fileup = Ext.create('Ext.ux.Fileup', {
    itemId : 'fileLoadBtn',
  4. Apple has some interesting protections set by default.
    The main one you'll notice is videos being unable to be autoplayed, and must be manually activated by the user.

    Files and file upload is...
  5. Your code requires to be commented in a particular format (jsduck's github wiki describes in detail).

    The way I prefer is using Sublime Text and the DocBlockr plugin which automatically generates...
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    Settings in app.json.
  7. Event Binding: name
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    After 7 months of development, starting 3 months after the last update to this post. A project with over 100 files, each with their own assortment of methods and cross-references.... Literally...
  9. * {@link Class#member link text}

    Thus you'd probably enter:

    * ...
    * The method to {@link Application#addEvents add events} throughout the application.
    * ...
  10. Use DocBlockr plugin for Sublime Text.
    DocBlokr adds a documentation comment block based on the following line when you type "/**".

    For auto-documentation, you'd probably have to switch to jsDoc....
  11. Architect instructions:

    select textfield to get value from.
    Config Panel -> "Event Bindings" else drag a "Basic Event binding" from the Toolbox onto textfield
    enter "change" as the event
  12. The benefits of sticking with the Adobe Suite definitely diminished for me over time. Overall, I'd say they are a professional set of tools more beneficial for those in a low-to-mid bracket of...
  13. Workaround?:

    scope: this,
    widthchange: function() {
    if (Ext.Viewport.element.getWidth() > Ext.Viewport.element.getHeight()) {
    // fire...
  14. When destroy is leading to issues through animation/scrolling, set a halt to the movement, else add a defer to the destroy call to cater for the time the device needs to be ready.
  15. Listpaging was regularly offering buckets of grief until I added it as:

    plugins: [
    xclass: 'Ext.plugin.ListPaging',
    autoPaging: true,
  16. I use change as the trigger.

    "searchField": {
    change: 'onSearchfieldChange'

    onSearchfieldChange: function(textfield, newValue, oldValue, eOpts) {...}
  17. This link shows a method of applying a youtube video, with an improved method on the following.

    On mitchellsimoens ...
  18. Create a NavigationView.
    To go along with your naming, call it Main, ie:

    Ext.define('kody2.view.Main', {
    extend: 'Ext.navigation.View',
    alias: 'widget.main',
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    If you have an Adobe CS subscription, Adobe Edge Inspect and the Adobe Edge Inspect CC browser extension is a nice extension of the weinre toolset.

    ADB can likewise provide some handy debugging...
  20. Don't autoload data to list.

    Else, use a different store for list, and populate the list by loading this store with decoded values.

    Else, hide list until decoded values return.

    To the container, or to the generated content within the container?

    // if the generated content of container needs stuff added
    var numitems =...
  22. Have you considered trying something like this:

    focus: function() {
    tag: 'form'
    blur : function() {
  23. Have a look at Ext.Loader.!/api/Ext.Loader
  24. NB: Sencha Touch 2 Format being used here.

    As this plugin is using "Ex.util" namespace by being defined as "Ext.util.LocalStorageCookie", you need to set that path as a loader config (start of...
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    My thanks for your time and assistance in this matter Gil.
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