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    Hello, Thank you to both of you for your answers. I try Ext.Date.format(d, 'Y/m/d') and it's work. I understand that Ext.Date is now a singleton, I think it was not the case in Ext 3 (And in...
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    I have to migrate an application from ExtJS 3 to 5.
    I currently using ExtJS 5.1.0.

    I have an issue with the Date object.
    1- DatePicker:
    I get the date, but I can not use the format...
  3. Thank you Slemmon,

    It's works like this.
    Is it for you a Correct/Good/Best way to proceed?

    If it's not the "Best" way, as I have to build an entire application, do you think I have to...
  4. Hello,

    Yes the file is well loaded, I saw it in the network tab, and in more, if I had a little test on the onClickButton, it's work correctly : (display alert with 'Traduction').

  5. Hello,

    No, I use static propertie like this:

    // Write in the file app/lib/PDM/Utils.js
    statics : {
  6. Hello,

    Little up, need help on this topic.
  7. Hello all,

    I'm new to ExtJS 5, I have to migrate my current application from Ext3 to Ext5.
    I have decided to start from the blank page and build with rules of Ext5.

    So, I have deployed the...
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    Hello All,

    I have an issue with renderer on IE8 as soon as the SP1 is installed on Win7 no trouble with IE8 if the OS SP1 is not installed.
    In fact, the height of combo box is not available. ...
  9. I have resolved my issue:
    In fact the problem come from the mode of the combo box, in my case it was not local but queryMode:

    // ,mode : 'local'
    ,mode : 'queryMode'
  10. Hello,

    I have advance on the subject.
    In fact, the problem com from the response time of the server for both ajax request:
    - form.load()

    When I render the form,...
  11. Hello All,

    I have a problem with my combo box.
    I use displayField (for translation) and valueField. The is build from an ajax request and the value is set when I load the form. I...
  12. Hello Scott,

    Thank you for your answer, I replace my code for setting baeParams by 2 lines with myStore.setBaseParam.
    All it's ok now, and I found that the code is cleaner than several creation...
  13. Hello All,

    I try to create 2 dataStores based on a same model and used by 2 differents grid. (The grids are used for drag and drop).

    This is the code of the data store object:

  14. My store is build dynamically for each combo box.
    This is the plugins:

    My.utils = My.utils || {};

    My.utils.comboStore = function( sFieldName ,sFrom, sSpecsdef)
  15. I did it, it's the correct object, I get the correct values in my combo (each time I clic to expand, I make a new request on my database, working fine).
    Just I get an error with IE, and it's not...
  16. Thank you both for your answer.

    I have checked trailing comma, but without success.
    I replace in my code:

    ,expand : function(combo){}

  17. Hello all,

    I have a little problem with cascaded combobox.
    On FireFox and on IE, the code is ok, I get all I want.
    But on IE (8), I have a little js error message when I click to expand...
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    Hello paulharv,

    Thank you for your reply, I just arrived to same conclusion :
    I can not change completely the store, this just work one time; BUT I can access to the baseParams of my store,...
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    I find an interesting thing:

    In my combo listener, I had try the expand event to force the store.load.
    Exactly same problem:
    Build list: ok
    Change value in first list, combo store is well...
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    Hello all,

    What I want:

    Several dependants combo box which are populate at each selection change.
    --> For a country and a departement, no problem, One request and we found them.
    Imagine my...
  21. You are welcome !!!
    Read you soon.
  22. If I can help you !!! ;-))

    Firefox 7.0
    Windows 7 Pro 64B

    and same thing with:

    FireFox 6.0
    OpenSuse 11.4 64B
  23. In fact, I can not access to advanded mode when I edit my first post, I get an error:
    PATHS is not defined
    Line 11

    If you...
  24. One more time, you are right !!!
    I add this code whithin the iniComponent: function()

    this.root = {
    root : 'root'
    ,nodeType : ...
  25. Other way with same result:
    On my TreePanel constructor I add a set for the loader and disabled the call to method reload.

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