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  1. [FIXED] ComboBox issue

    Thnak you! We will replace RC2 with GA soon and remove the work-around.
  2. [FIXED] Could I get a build that includes combo box fix from you?

    Hi Colin,

    I am working on the same project with DonP. Don said I probably could get a build from you. I have a Ext GWT Platinum Support account with you, but "SVN Access" didn't work for me. I...
  3. It works but may not be very efficient

    If I understand your solution correctly, it requires to draw all data points for entire time range which could be a performance hit when I have a 30 day chart with 10 minutes between two data points...
  4. More info

    For a test, I've changed X axis from CategoryAxis to NumericAxis and added a large value at the end of my data set. I was hoping I could stretch the X axis to the right with this additional data...
  5. How can I draw a chart that doesn't have data points for some time periods?

    Take Line Chart in the demo as example. If only Apr, May and Jun have data points and the rest of them don't have data points, can I still have Jan to Dec on the X axis and show only the three data...
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    An API concern

    Thank you for your reply. I've tried IE9 and with some minor code adjustment I could get it to work like Firefox and Chrome.
    One concern we have is that when Sencha can finalize GXT3.0 APIs. Will...
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    More info

    I appreciate whoever tried to reply my question, but please try not to use Arabic and point it to a pron site. I know a few languages, but Arabic is not one of them.

    Forgot to mention that we...
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    Line chart is very slow in IE8

    We are prototyping with GXT3.0DP5 + GWT2.4.0 and trying to take advantage of GXT new chart feature that doesnt require Flash or other plugin. The line chart we had was coming from GXT Demo code from...
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