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  1. [FIXED] thanks

    good to know thx for the replies :)
  2. Ive had problems with using select functionality...

    Ive had problems with using select functionality but.

    I figured out that if one has a store-bound (itemtemplated) List and sets the 'emptyText' parameter, you will loose functionality as an...
  3. expected to be a bug, filed and fix proposed

    4 hours of programming and a movie later, i figure - i cannot wait for a new release for this. Here is the solution to our problem, override proxy.batch to make up for a faulty
  4. [FIXED] As expected, create/destroy/update functions are...

    As expected, create/destroy/update functions are actually available in the proxy. However after overriding a few of the function calls, allowing me to take a closer look - I have located the issue!
  5. How to create a CRUD capeable remote store

    I am trying to achieve sync() capeability on data.Store. However when a batch operation on say store.removedRecords() is running, 'delete' method is undefined on my proxy.

    Im looking for a...
  6. [FIXED] CRUD operations fail for remote store


    Ext version tested:

    Touch 2 dev-preview pr 1 and 2

    Browser versions tested against:
  7. Ext.define("Article", { xtype: 'articlespage',...

    Ext.define("Article", {

    xtype: 'articlespage',

    layout: 'card',
    cardSwitchAnimation: 'fade',
    config: {
    title: 'Articles',
    iconCls: 'star',
    height: 400,
  8. Replies


    i believe there is some form of issue whilst setting data on any template. What we need to do is (itemTpl for Ext.dataview.List works btw) force the component to redraw itself.

    If you have a...
  9. if you define your own extension of a Ext.Panel,...

    if you define your own extension of a Ext.Panel, then override the onRender method with your own - console output is
    "DEPRECATED blah blah, put your code in initialize instead"

    i believe this is...
  10. onRender or onPainted event?

    activate might work for you? activate is fired when a cardslide component gets focus, opposite is the deactivate event.
    they have deprecated the onRender method and i guess thats why...
  11. Controller.control, listens and scopes

    Yes, this.control in the Ext.application.Controller utilizes ComponentQuery. What you are trying to achieved is to make DOM listeners and the query function doesnt lookup/map/cache DOM elements but...
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    In MVC i rarely compose two controllers, acting...

    In MVC i rarely compose two controllers, acting on the same view.. And if not, then this.control() is sufficient for most. However from recent experiences, the need to access an event on say a Panel...
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