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    I did read that calling save() on the model objects bypasses the sync and that actually works; everything is now saving to localStorage with the proper IDs from the server.
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    localStorage and the ID column

    I am using localStorage proxies and I wanted the ID used there to match the one I'm getting from the server side, but Sencha isn't allowing me to sync with pre-assigned IDs. Is there any way to...
  3. fixed

    I figured out a solution to this issue:

    After adding items to a toolbar that is scrollable, you need to call the doRefresh() method on its scroller item. Adding the following line to my code...
  4. Dynamically adding buttons to a scrollable toolbar

    I'm wanting to add buttons to a toolbar every time someone clicks on an item in a list, and then I want the toolbar buttons to be navigable via a horizontal scroll. The issue I'm running into is...
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    [INFOREQ] List not showing up on Android 2.3

    I have a list of comments being loaded on demand via an ajax proxy in an app I'm building and they show up just fine on desktop browsers and my iPhone, but for some reason they are not showing up on...
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