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  1. It's worked for me:
  2. HI!!!

    Yeah this is a great plugin. But in Ext 3.x dynamic fields remove not works because i have got same error up before.

    I think its not a big problem if yuo override Ext.Element insertAfter...
  3. Just override with the script in comment #14. it will work over google 18.
  4. Ok sencha touch 2 has another conventions to define views... No questrion :) read the blog
  5. What was the answer? Cause it not works for me too... The Home view loading by app.js but if i move views:['Home'] to Main.js it will not be loaded. its interesting...
  6. stopSelection parameter is works anybody? When i click an action icon the row not selected, so grid.selModel.getCount() is return 0.
    and stopSelection:false in my code. any idea?
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