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  1. Your solution works like a charm

    Animal You are great , Stuff works like a charm ;)
  2. grid.getView().focusRow(n) does not seems to work if grid was renderd using Ajax


    I am trying to set the focus on a particular row in the grid, but it does not seem to work on a GridPanel, grid was rendered using data from Ajax call, ajax call get data in JSON format.
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    Grid Rendering Problems

    I found out that if you put the div for rendering a grid within <center></center> the header of the grid vanishes, so never put a div for grid within a <center> tag

    never do this

  4. Ext-js sucks without a normal grid radio button

    I am not sure how the designers designed this, the radio button is a pretty basic one and am not sure of all the hacks that are provided, our users and not happy with showing a check box and asking...
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