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  1. By hidden characters I mean, characters in encrypted (unreadable) form. Like the one displayed in password field.

    Hope you got my query now.
  2. Hello,

    How can I display hidden characters in the Ext.Prompt. By default its type is Text. I have tried changing it type also but it did not worked for me.

    Any help is Appreciated.
  3. Can we resolve the issue or Application have to live with it?

    Thank You in Anticipation.
  4. Yes, I have a simple Login page with two field as shown in the image below:


    Scenario is
    1. Tap on Username text field.(Key board pops up).
    2. Now change the orientation (with keyboard...
  5. Hello,

    I have a simple login page with two fields
    1. Username
    2. Password

    When user taps on the Username or Password text field, Onscreen keyboard is pop up. Now if orientation is changed,...
  6. Hello,
    In iOS 3 and iOS 4, the bottom toolbar of the device (which shows buttons for back, bookmark, e.t.c) are shown. But the problem lies with iOS 5.

    iOS 5 does not show its bottom toolbar...
  7. What can be done to handle this issue??

    Do we need to live with this issue? :(
  8. Thanks for the Reply, I have attached a screen shot in the above post.

    Alternatively, this can also be checked on the following links:
  9. Hello,

    UI of the Application gets disturbed if Action Sheet is opened, closed and then orientation is changed.

    UI gets shifted to the top, leaving a small portion of white screen below. This...
  10. Hello khadarmeeran, if your query is answered, mark it as Answered.

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    Sorry, I did not get you. Could you please be more clear.

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    Hello, I have created a overlay Panel. Code for the same is below:

    overlay = new Ext.Panel({
    floating: true,
    modal: true,
    centered: true,
    width: ? panelWidth : 500,...
  13. You can use javascript setInterval function. Below is the example:

    setInterval(function() {
    alert('alert after 60 seconds')
    }, 60000);

    Hope this helps
  14. Hello, I want to perform some processing as soon as user refreshes browser. I have used the following code:

    Ext.EventManager.on(window, 'beforeunload', function(){
    // doProcessing

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    Check following example:

    var storeValue=loadCommentStore();

    function loadCommentStore()
    Ext.regModel('preferencesComments', {
    fields: [
  16. Hello, I want to clear the session as soon as user refresh the browser page so that he automatically gets redirected to the login page of the application.

    Is there any way to depict Browser...
  17. will not open a new window in mobile devices.

    Try anchor instead.

    Check following example:

    this.actions = new Ext.ActionSheet({
    items: [
  18. f.dom 'undefined' is not an object.

    To resolve the same, I have added a condition in sencha-touch.js for f.dom.

    for e.g:

    // original code
  19. Hello, In my application I have opened a overlay on click of a button.

    I have one cancel button on the toolbar docked top on overlay. On click of that button, overlay gets closed.

    Now, I want...
  20. I have placed multiple carousels, adjacent to each other horizontally. I can get the selected row index of individual carousels.

    I am not able to set any particular row as selected row.

  21. I have created a Grid using your (Mitchell Simoens) Ext.ux.touch.GridSummary. It works fine for me.

    I also have the column rendering issue. I have to display 5-6 columns, how can I display all...
  22. Hello, I have created a Grid, using Mitchell Simoens extension Ext.ux.touch.GridSummary, it works good for me.

    The only issue which I am facing is of number of Columns. I have to display 6...
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    Hi, Is it possible to set panel width so that it can be scrolled to left and right????

    new Ext.Panel({
    fullscreen: true,
    layout: 'fit',
    width: 1000,
  24. Hello, I have a textarea on my panel and a button on the toolbar.

    Initially I want to keep that button disabled (as there is no text in the textarea when the panel loads), so I have set disabled...
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    Try setting z-index.

    Hope this helps.
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