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  1. I'm using CMD and ext-6.0.2
    Using the default app generated by CMD which creates a classic and a modern .json on building.
    I'd like to cache the whole app (app.js, *.json, and index.html,...
  2. I'm using CMD and ext-6.0.2
    Using the default app generated by CMD which creates a classic and a modern .json on building.
    I'd like to cache the whole app (app.js, *.json, and index.html,...
  3. I cant really elaborate either, I'm doing it in a DOS box on a Windows 7 desktop.
    The sencha executable is in my path and it does get called, but immediately exits with no error back to the DOS...
  4. No replies - I suspect then it can't be done without extending. Does anyone know otherwise?
  5. I would like to activate tabs on mouseover of their tab button.
    Has anyone done this without extending the tabpanel class ? have you an example of firing the mouseover event?

    thank you.
  6. By removing carriage returns "\r\n" and whitespace, which I'd added for readability the functions now sneak through OK and Ext.decode can parse the JSON.

    so for example this mapping is fine:
  7. I know JSON should not include functions - please dont remind me, thank you, but...

    I'd like to generate my field mapping config server side and then send this to the browser to be included...
  8. really neat =D> I'm a believer!

    many thanks
  9. Its all very well doing a header on your index.php for CORS but the each REST JSON response needs the CORS header(s) too.

    In this case its not practical to modify the REST service to produce extra...
  10. Does anyone have a working example of an Ext.Ajax.request that has to use CORS to receive some JSON ?
    I'd be particularly interested in one on the public internet so that I can see and believe!
  11. thank you mikhailt and Friend.

    Worked for me in a multi-series chart.
  12. The following addition to the local style sheet produces the right result. Not sure what side effects this might have though.

    .x-boundlist-item {
    text-align: left !important;
  13. Using combos.js (/extjs-4.1.0/examples/form/combos.js) from the examples page, try this:

    <title>Combos Example</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"...
  14. I'm using the following style to center a DIV in an otherwise blank page:

    body {
    text-align: center; /* For Blessed IE */

    #wrapper {
    width: 800px;
    margin: 0 auto;
  15. Solved my problem. I had to parseFloat on my values to get them to match the store's id field (integer).
    My values were being read in a loop from a json store, and (mea culpa!) I had allowed the...
  16. Just for the record I'm getting much the same problem as 'stimpy'.

    I'm writing in 4.1.0 from scratch, but I'm getting the same issue trying to pre-select values based on an id/display pairs in a...
  17. Replies
    I had been searching for ages for a simple means to add a record on the fly to an existing store.
    I knew it had to be possible without defining models or creating record instances separately.
  18. I think we were typing at the same time!

    I've done exactly what you said.
  19. Workaround so far

    beautify classes.js so you can customize the source.
    (I'm using classes from Ext.4.0.2 beautified by

    1. add cfg objects to your shortcut model...
  20. I'd like to be able to pass a config object for any window launched from a shortcut.

    We've implemented the desktop shortcuts so that they always launch the same module, but would like to...
  21. I'm using the SVG generated by the chart class to generate images on the server.

    var svgCode = Ext.getCmp('chart_' +;

    Ideally I'd like the chart title inside the...
  22. In the end, this worked for me with Extjs 4.0.2

    1. FormPanel config:
    'standardSubmit: true'

    2. Submit button handler with it own submit statement, with target: '_blank' config:
  23. Can someone put me out of my misery on this ?
  24. I'd like to POST a form directly to a php script on the server, so I'm using
    "standardSubmit: true".
    So far so good.

    But I'd also like to see the response in a new browser window.
    How do I do...
  25. mdavis,

    I had stripped a lot of the sensible bells and whistles out when I was debugging. Now I'll be putting them back in one, at a time!

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