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  1. Hello,

    I have problem with disappearing font icons on IE8. Here is an example:

    When changing tabs on tabpanel, after clicking or hovering over buttons,...
  2. Finally I made it to work by overriding some CSS:

    .x-ie9m .x-btn-arrow-right:after,
    .x-ie9m .x-btn-split-right:after {
    display: inline-block;
  3. Hmm, OK.

    When I open Menu Buttons example page in Ext JS Kitchen Sink I can't see arrows on buttons. There are some errors in console, like:

    CSS3111: @font-face encountered unknown error....
  4. Hello,
    thank you for response. Does it work for you also in IE8? Thanks.
  5. Hello,

    the arrow on menu button or split button is not visible in Internet Explorer 8/9 when using Triton theme.
  6. Any news?
  7. Hi,

    I'm not sure if it's a bug, but I can't get to work binding disabled property of actioncolumn to viewmodel data.


    ExtJS version: 6.0.1...
  8. Hi,
    thanks for your response. I can't use Sencha Fiddle to make test case, because the error raises only during building process of the application. You can try these steps:

    1) generate new...
  9. I found out that the problem is in the 'beforeRender' method of Ext.grid.column.Column class. Now I have this temporary fix (just to pass the build process):

  10. Hi,

    when I try to override Ext.grid.column.Column 'sortable' property to false value, I get an error when building application (sencha app build).

    This is my override:

  11. I just need combobox to be working also in such situation, because I'm loading data into combobox from external source and sometimes that data contains such characters.
  12. Hi,

    I found that when a value of a combobox's displayField contains newline character - either "\r" or "\n" or both of them - that prevents of selection of that record, even though the 'select'...
  13. Hi,
    it seems to be OK now, thank you for fixing this problem.
  14. Hi,
    there seems to be problem with extracting offline docs .zip archive, for example downloaded from this link:
    Please, can somebody...
  15. Thanks!
  16. Please, can you share the override with those who cannot access that forum announcement? Thanks.
  17. Hello,

    I want to ask what is the preferred way of saving the form data, when form fields are bind to record/model from ViewModel: either using form.submit() method or using method?...
  18. Hm, OK. Thanks for info.
  19. Hello,
    why is the Ext.grid.plugin.Exporter class file missing in sources for Ext JS v6.0.1?
  20. Hi,

    for example, look at template files in Sencha Cmd directory:

  21. Hello,

    it would be nice if quotes type (either single or double) in javascript template files used by Sencha Cmd could be more consistent. Personally, I prefer single quotes.

  22. Hello,

    is it possible to turn off using images in theme when application runs on IE8/9 web browser ? I don't need any special CSS3 features that are not supported in IE8/9 - like round corners,...
  23. Same problem with 'beforeload' event...
  24. Replies
    Hm... OK, thanks
  25. Replies
    is it possible to bind component property, e.g disabled or hidden, to more than one viewmodel formula? Something like this...

    xtype: 'button',
    text: 'Edit User',
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