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  1. By 'test' did you mean the source code?
  2. Hello,

    I had a strange problem with the loading mask.

    My application has a chart and a grid page. From chart on a button click i am trying to load the grid page. Since the grid page takes a...
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    I am using ST 2.0 and touch-charts-2.0.0-beta
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    I have faced a strange issue with the chart. I have defined grid lines for the chart. The code sample is given below
    axes: [
  5. Thanks for the reply.

    I feel the error was basically with the color code or style to be used.

    If you see in bar chart if i have more than nine bars it works , but only thing is after the ninth...
  6. I have the requirement of drawing more than 20 line series in the chart but
    any thing above 9 line series it stops working and i am getting the error given below

    int touch-chart.js
  7. One way of solving this is before setting data to chart check if record count and if its 1 then add a dummy record to the store and then set the store to the chart
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    Sorry it was my mistake, when i applied the changes i saw the change in the graph and assumed its working. But when i observed in details the starcked bar chart was not coming.

    I feel as of now...
  9. A work around i found for this was to add a dummy record in the beginning of the store data so that you have space in the beginning
  10. I have faced a strange issue when creating bar chart.

    when i set the store for my chart eg:

    var dataStore = new{
    fields: ["field1 .", "field2"],
  11. In the series listener in the item tap event, we can get the index of the tapped bar item selected based on comparing the color code and value like this

    itemtap: function (series, item, event) {
  12. Thanks for the reply
  13. Thanks mitchell for the reply,

    Can you give me an example code for the same :)
  14. How can i stop the tap event on my legend labels.

    I have created a pie chart. So the problem is on tapping the legend item that slice is removed from the pie.
    I dont want that to happen.

  15. Is it possible to just show the first 10 characters of the label used in legend?

    Please check the image below where some of the labels are not completely visible. So would like to limit all...
  16. I have a very strange requirement.

    I have a column chart which has

    on the X axis - year
    and Y axis three fields [data1, data2, data3]

  17. One more way i got it working is to set it from the controller when you initialize the chart data.

    chart._axes.items[0]._maximum = maxValue; //assuming you are setting the max value for the first...
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    Thanks a lot,

    I was able to create the stacked column chart
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    Is it possible to create stacked column charts as given in the image below in sencha touch? If yes can somebody give a sample code for the same

  20. Thanks Naga it worked
  21. I have tried using gutter in three ways but it didnt work

    series: [
    type: 'column',
    axis: 'left',
  22. Hello,

    I ave created a column chart, but my requirement is to show the columns grouped together without any space in between. How can we achieve that?

    below is the current chart i am getting...
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