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    hotdp, thanks for getting back.

    What i'm try to do is get the simplest of a line chart working in SA2.1.
    I realize that SA2.1 does not yet support Touch charts, however it seems the task can be...
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    Do you mind sharing your secret to success, using touch charts in SA2.1?
  3. Thanks Mitchell.

    I agree setValue should require a string not a object.
    Are you running Geocongress with ST2.0.1?
    I have done some more testing to clarify the problems I'm experiencing.
    This is...
  4. In the GeoCongress sample app a small bug exists that is only manifested in ST2.0.1, it works fine in ST2.0.0.

    Original SplashScreen controller code

    updateSettings: function() { ...
  5. Thank you for your quick reply, I should have known that.

    Regarding those errors here's some more information from index.html in the browser scripts console, not really sure what's happening here?...
  6. Thank you Phil.

    You might like to know what you described worked for me (same versions as you) on both Vista and Ubuntu 10 for a simple boiler plate app created using sencha app create st2 ../st2....
  7. Setup: Ubuntu 10, SA2.0 build439

    Just upgraded to the highly anticipated latest build this morning (#439)

    I opened some test projects I have been working on, it says it needs to upgrade the...
  8. Thanks Souri.
    That sounds logical, and it's what I tried.
    When I drag the button over the top of the Tabbar, it has the no entry icon (red circle with slash) and will not let me drop it.
  9. Yes you are correct, Thanks

    Teach me to look at older tutorials. 8-|

    Found this in the docs.

    This is a private utility class for internal use by the framework. Don't rely on its...
  10. I have a TabPanel with two tabs.

    In the tabbar I what to add a refresh button.

    But the SA2.0 UI will not let me drop a button on the tabbar.

    I'm trying to do a similar thing to an older demo...
  11. Great to know it works as expected in OSX.

    I have done some further testing and lodged a bug report for vista and ubuntu...
  12. Configuration on both machines is SA2.0 build 412, sencha-touch-2.0.1, and SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3

    On both vista and ubuntu I can from the sencha-touch-2.0.1 folder run

    sencha app create...
  13. That's interesting, please let us know what you find. I'll try beta3 tomorrow.
  14. Sorry to confuse should be 412
  15. Thanks MikeHill00,
    Good suggestion.
    I tried running SA2.0 as root but unfortunately have the same result as before.

    Did that work for you?
  16. No, nothing yet.

    I have seen quite a few other posts like this related to Windows.

    It looks like you...
  17. Update : I can now change the style of the app.

    In SA2.0 I had opened the geocongress.xda sample and created a new project. The myprojects/geocongress/resources/scss/config.rb is looking for the...
  18. I assume your talking about charts in SA2.0 Ext JS 4.0.x.

    Because I was looking for charts in SA2.0 ST2.0.x, and it doesn't seem to have them in the UI.

    Does a road map exist for charts in SA2...
  19. Setup: Ubuntu 10,SA2.0 build 413

    I'm using the demo Geocongress.xda app in SA2.0. I can deploy and run no problems.

    Say I what to change the $base-color variable in the app.scss to something...
  20. Setup: Ubuntu 10, Architect 2.0 build 413, SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta2

    Within SA2.0, when I deploy a project it say's SDKTools v2 Installed: false, and I only get the Copy button and not the...
  21. :">

    On the config panel select "Show all"
  22. I'm half following the 'geocongress' app, to get to know Architect 2.0.0.

    I can not see how to add via the UI a data field into a store.

    Looking at the 'State's store in the...
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